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The introduction of self-regulation will save business from

On the problems, prospects and readiness of business representatives for the transition to self-regulation

Our affair

It is better to have rehabilitation than bankruptcy

Taldykorgan's company was rescued from bankruptcy The tax authority demanded to recognize LLP as bankrupt. Another debtor company in the Almaty region was given an...

Altyn Sapa

Who in Almaty region produces "edible souvenir"

The product is environmentally friendly and has a unique taste. 


The campaign "Atamekenym"

Национальная палата предпринимателей РК запустила общереспубликанскую акцию     ...

Students need to develop soft skills
Within the walls of the capital's universities, with the support of the Council of Businesswomen of NCE RK "Atameken" were conducted trainings...
Secrets of creating world brands were discussed in Almaty
City of Almaty
During French day Almaty businessmen learnt how the companies with a world name are created The French day meeting took place at the Chamber of Entrepreneurs...
Kostanay people brought elite meat to Almaty
City of Almaty
The Fair of Local Producers of Kazakhstan was held in the busy place of the city
What is important to know for the entrepreneur, or business on the "red lines"
Pavlodar Region
How not to get on the "red lines" when planning business in the city, the solution to this issue were considered at a meeting of the Regional...