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The new arbitrator Who stands between state bodies and business

The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken" has repeatedly raised the issue on creation of the Appeal Commission for the examination...

Our affair

Closed circle of credit partnerships

Agrarians of EKR, who face barriers, decided to amalgamate into a credit partnership

5 Key Steps to Affordable Finances

It is necessary to reduce ineffective measures of state support with low coverage

EXPO 2017

Казахстанский бизнес в выставке EXPO-2017

О сотрудничестве между НПП РК «Атамекен» и АО «НК «Астана ЭКСПО-2017» в проведении выставки

Nominees for the "Altyn sapa" award - "IFC COLOS"
City of Almaty
ТThe forwarding company competes to win the presidential award
The international exhibition of children's products was held in Almaty
City of Almaty
1.3 billion USD Kazakhstani residents spend annually on their children. 
The issue of increasing the local content – is in the priority
Atyrau Region
Kazakhstan will strengthen requirements for foreign investors to act in the interests of Kazakhstan's economy
ZODEL commercial web-site was opened in Kazakhstan
Almaty Region
Предпринимателям рассказали о возможностях расширения географии поставок



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