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The new arbitrator Who stands between state bodies and business

The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken" has repeatedly raised the issue on creation of the Appeal Commission for the examination...

Our affair

Infringement of the rights of a foreign investor

The Business Ombudsman received a request from the branch of the company TOTAL E & P Nurmunai in Aktobe. 

5 Key Steps to Affordable Finances

It is necessary to reduce ineffective measures of state support with low coverage

EXPO 2017

Казахстанский бизнес в выставке EXPO-2017

О сотрудничестве между НПП РК «Атамекен» и АО «НК «Астана ЭКСПО-2017» в проведении выставки

An association of tourism was created in the Akmola region
Akmola Region
The chairman of the Association of Individual Entrepreneurs and Legal Entities "Tourist Association of Akmola region" elected a well-known businessman...
African ostriches and black chickens appeared in the courtyard of the Pavlodar businessman
Pavlodar Region
In the Michurinsky rural district of the Pavlodar region on the territory of one of the farmsteads appeared strange inhabitants for our region...
Almaty-Hainan communication is established
City of Almaty
Chamber of Entrepreneurs in Almaty and Hainan City Mayor signed a Memorandum of Cooperation
The Russian company will repay its debt to the enterprise of Almaty region
Almaty Region
LLP owed more than 3 million tenge



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