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60 of unemployed women in Aktobe attended training courses in sewing and tailoring

21 December 2017 - Aktobe Region
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100% job placement - this result is achieved by the end of the training of the first group of trainees at the sewing enterprise

For three months they were trained to cut and sew on the basis of the sewing production unit of LLP Azayya. The senior management of the production unit together with the regional chamber of entrepreneurs, the city employment centre initiated this project within the framework of the state program "Development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship". Today, solemn release of the first stream of newly made seamstresses took place.

"The first 29 graduates of the training center will be employed in the sewing workshop itself, as well as in the atelier, consisting of the Association of Designers and Tailors of our region. Based on the results of the training, it is planned to create two cooperatives, where new seamstresses will work. To buy sewing machines through the "ALMEX" foundation. They will be engaged in sewing school uniforms, as well as overalls for the enterprises of the city and the region ", - said the head of the training center, director of LLP Ainura Baktygalieva.

LLP "Azayya" wants to take these cooperatives "under its wing" and give them some functions for outsourcing. In the near future, the Aktobe tailors intend to implement the program of import substitution of overalls in the region. Including, by placing sewing shops in the districts. For example, this year for the first time the company CNPC-AktobeMunaigas ordered overalls for its employees in the Aktyubinsk sewing workshop. Previously, it was imported from China.

The event on the delivery of certificates was very bright. A fashion show of a school uniform made by the hands of newly made seamstresses and tailors was held. And also the prize was given to the graduate-winner of the contest, which was held by the LLP between the students tailoring products.

The first issue was attended by teachers of city schools. The director of RCE “Atameken”, Nurlybek Mukanov, the secretary of the city maslikhat Sulupan Shintasova, the head of the employment center in Aktobe, Nailya Burtibaev, gave a welcoming speech.

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