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04 July 2016
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Member of the Council of Business Women of the Chamber of entrepreneurs of Astana, CEO of “Wise Logistics Group” Aliya Kypshakbaeva told about the nuances on the market of transport services

- Aliya Baurzhanovna, you work for many years in the field of business - transport logistics, in which mainly work men. How do you manage to stay in this challenging business and what is the secret of success?

- Thanks for the question. Success - it is a big word. Yes, our company exists for 10 years at the market of transport and logistics services, and I'm in this business – for more than 15 years. And, although it is believed that it is traditionally "male" business, I think this is an area where women can compete on an equal basis with men. I won’t focus on gender issue, because in any case it all depends on personal qualities, not on gender. But, I agree with you that the level of competition is incredibly high in the transport market and it is very difficult to stay afloat, to make profit and to expand business. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of freight forwarding companies, but the advantage of this business is that both large enterprises with multi-million turnovers and own transport assets, and small companies with few resources can find their niche.

Today it is not enough just to arrange a delivery or freight forwarding. There is an excess of such offers on the market. However, at all times high professional quality, a wider range of services compared with others are in demand.

So we opted for different services. That is the maximum resolution of the problems of the customer and their solution at every stage, from the conclusion of the foreign trade contract to customs clearance.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs often underestimate the importance of careful consideration of all the details of the international supply. Commercial law is very labile, rapidly changing, and even a small nuance in the end can lead to serious financial losses.

For example, domestic legislation provides certain customs and tax preferences for investors. But if at the stage of conclusion of investment contracts, these specific details were taken into account, then during the import of technological equipment investors can be deprived of these preferences. Hence, there are conversations about the imperfection of Kazakhstan's legislation and not always well-founded attacks on the customs authorities.

Yes, these factors are also present, but often the problem is in a lack of professionalism of entrepreneurs.

Of course, an ordinary businessman can’t know all the legal nuances of the current legislation. Only in the customs area there are hundreds of regulations of the Customs Union and the two impressive Customs Codes. Therefore, you need professional assistants who can help you to get rid of many worries completely.

- You have mentioned customs clearance, and that for many entrepreneurs – it is a rather complicated procedure. But we have the institute of customs representatives (brokers) for many years, unless they do not cope with their functions?

- You are quite rightly noted the existing mechanism of interaction between participants of foreign trade activities and the customs authorities, and here I would like to clarify the following. The broker can efficiently and quickly carry out clearance of the goods, provided that all the documents are in order: in the presence of licensing, shipping documents, required approvals, etc. But what if at the stage of the organization of transportation or the signature of a contract, mistakes were made, it would negatively affect the entire outcome. That is, the broker will prepare the declaration, but he won’t be able to change or to edit the original documents.

- You said that entrepreneurs often face problems in foreign trade. What is the reason?

- As I said, the main reason - is a complex and voluminous legislation. In my opinion, the second reason is the fact that this sphere is quite strictly regulated by the state, and even the slightest deviation from the established order entails serious sanctions. But it is justified, such an approach exists in the world

- Tell me, how else the company “Wise Logistics Group” differs from the hundreds of others that exist on this market?

- One of our services - is international transportation of household goods, starting with the professional package to clear customs. Our clients - employees of foreign companies, diplomatic missions, representatives of international organizations, who come to Kazakhstan for temporary residence. Faced with the need to move to another country, many people do not know how to compile the documents, what is required for it and where to address? It's pretty specific business, but it is satisfying, especially when you hear in your address warm words from grateful clients.

Another undoubted advantage - consulting. Usually law firms are involved in this service, they know the legal aspects, but they are not always strong in the logistics processes. We knew in detail all these procedures, provide expert assistance in the classification and certification of products, provide representation in courts and others.

- What would you wish to young novice businessmen? In your opinion, what is important for a successful business, what personal qualities should be developed?

- Perhaps, I will say common things, but the important qualities for success are - professionalism, perseverance and communication. In addition, by my personal experience, knowledge of foreign languages ​​– is another very important aspect of business. I have daily contacts with counterparts around the world, send business correspondence globally, and this is impossible without the knowledge of languages.

Therefore, the Head of State instructed to implement high-quality trilingual education in schools – it is absolutely correct. Business of Kazakhstan must eventually stand on the same level with foreign companies, and this requires the English language.

What I would advise young people?

As soon as possible, while still at the university, start working. No matter in what occupation and in what industry. The main thing is to start to earn money first, to get away from parental care.

It has a strong positive effect on the formation of the person, receiving the first experience and communication skills in adulthood. The earlier a young person begins to work, the more chances he has to form a self-sufficient and attractive personality.

I would like to note that the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs "Atameken" conducts big work on building of youth start-ups, provision of practical advice and step by step instructions which are designed by experts for novice businessman, various trainings and seminars, which are held regularly.

Thanks to constant care and attention from the Head of State, various government funding programs and service support of entrepreneurship operate effectively for many years in our country.

- Thanks for the interview! I wish you every success in business!

- Thank you very much for your interesting questions and interest in the problems of international logistics. I would like to congratulate your readers with the Capital Day and wish all Kazakhstani residents prosperity, stability and financial well-being!

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