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Exports to China will increase

27 January 2017
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Kazakhstan plans to supply to China by 2020 up to 1 million tons of wheat each year

This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Board of NCE Nurzhan Altaev during an interview with Chinese television channel ChinaGlobalTelevisionNetwork (CGTN).

He noted that China is Kazakhstan’s major partner in the region in terms of exports of domestic products. First of all we are talking about food supplies. In the agricultural sector, Kazakhstan has great potential, having the opportunity to grow environmentally friendly products at more than 200 million hectares of arable land.

"At the moment, we have identified more than 50 names of agricultural and food products manufactured by 335 Kazakh companies for exports to China. And we conduct work on standardization in accordance with the Chinese requirements, which we have previously translated into Kazakh and Russian languages and distributed among our farmers. In the near future representatives of the Chinese veterinary inspection will visit Kazakhstan and check the companies for compliance with these standards", - said Nurzhan Altaev during the interview.

According to him, currently China exports 225,000 tons of Kazakh wheat. By 2020, this amount will increase to 1 million tons.

In general, over the years of independence, the trade turnover between the two countries has been increased from 337 million dollars to 22 billion dollars. And in the future this figure will only increase due to the implementation of joint projects, such as ICBC "Khorgos", the hub at the port of Lianyungang, and others.

"Now, we think about the issue of establishing a joint investment fund, at which will be placed Kazakh and Chinese funds to finance joint projects in Kazakhstan. There were already identified about 30 investment projects in different sectors of the economy, which will be financed by this fund", - said Nurzhan Altaev.

He also noted that Kazakhstani business plans to place its products on the Chinese domestic electronic trading platform, as well as to develop cooperation in the field of petro-chemistry.

Nurzhan Altaev also noted a role in strengthening the trade between the two countries due to construction of the highway "Western Europe - Western China". "Kazakhstan has historically been a part of the Great Silk Road, and the entire economy of the Kazakh steppe was built on his road. The joint Kazakh-Chinese program "One train - one way" - is the restoration of the Great Silk Road, to which we attach great hopes", - said the Deputy Chairman of NCE.

The journalist of ChinaGlobalTelevisionNetwork (CGTN) Natalie Carly asked about the prospects for the development of cultural relations between Kazakhstan and China. Nurzhan Altaev said that cultural relations will develop with the development of economic relations.

"We see great potential in the development of tourism. China has large population and they travel a lot. Besides, now there is a global trend that people are tired of the holiday by the sea, they are more interested in the historical and ecological tourism, where there is a dialogue with nature. In this regard, Kazakhstan has the potential. Now the National Chamber is working on simplification of visa regime for Chinese tourists", - he said.

ChinaGlobalTelevisionNetwork (CGTN) – is a Chinese global TV network. It is an English news channel of China Central Television (ChinaCentralTelevisionCCTV). In turn, China Central Television (ChinaCentralTelevisionCCTV) - is a public broadcaster.

Natalie Carly and cameraman Mark Esplin visited Astana for the first time to highlight the global talks on Syria, which took place in the capital of Kazakhstan. During the visit they also met with key Kazakh companies and plan to make a review report on Kazakhstan.

At the end of the meeting the sides thanked each other and expressed their mutual intention for further cooperation.

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