Kairat Mazhibayev: Safety precautions - key to mature society

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This was reported by the Chairman of the Committee of Trade of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken" Kairat Mazhibayev.

It is very important in this situation to draw the right conclusions. First of all, these threats relate not only to shopping centers, we need to talk about all gathering places. These include not only the SEC, but also open and closed markets, stadiums, sports palaces, stations, airports, universities and hospitals. It is necessary to think about the places where there are a large number of visitors. And how they are built in terms of "the principle of the narrow neck of the bottle." In relations between "A" - tenants, "B" - owners of terminals and "C" - visitors should be not only commercial relations, but also so-called civil relations, which, at the moment, are not regulated in any way, Kairat Mazhibayev said.

The Chairman of the Committee added that restricting the issue only to trade centers would be a big mistake.

We have to protect all participants and we can do it through insurance, - suggests Mazhibayev. - All places of the mass gathering can be ranked by categories. A mass requirement shall be introduced, so that operators insure their responsibility. Then the owners will be forced to invest in security features for visitors and maintain security systems  in due course. This should be done by the private sector, not by the state. The system has already shown its effectiveness in insurance of civil liability for car owners. The introduction of compulsory insurance can take several years: the owners of real estate must conduct an inventory, and insurance companies must develop products, tariffs. Ultimately, this will lead to the protection of owners of retail outlets, real estate and visitors.

Summarizing, Kairat Mazhibayev noted that it is very important to implement any idea, concept, or program highly effectively. Thus, a certain maturity of society and even the entire state is formed. The consumer is legally entitled to protection.

We must draw conclusions about how effectively this is being done. First of all, it must be solidified among the participants in the process, this is very important. Atameken, which unites many professional associations, first of all, will fix it inside the members of the association. Kairat Mazhibayev summed up.

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