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The Presidium of the National Economic Chamber of Kazakhstan "Union" Atameken" on 15th of March 2012 decided to establish an information-analytical portal "Centre for Monitoring and expertise of the market".

In order to implement these functions on 25th of November 2013 the National Chamber of entrepreneurs with a 100% interest created LLP "Center for monitoring and expertise of the market", whose main task is to create a unified Kazakh Information and analytical business portal "Center for monitoring and expertise of the market".

Priority projects:

  • On 1st of November 2016 was launched the project "Single window" for rendering e-services for entrepreneurs Atameken Services. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to order remotely services of NCE "Atameken" using a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer.
  • Business Registry - consolidated database of business entities, containing information on their current status, production activities, procurement plans and products they provide, works and services.

Services Short description of 9-basic services Atameken Services:

  • A list of potential clients - Identifying potential clients for a business by filtering companies by their activity, region and size;
  • A List of Suppliers – a list of suppliers of goods, works and services by region with indication of a unit price;
  • A List of dealers – identification of potential customers-dealers;
  • Procurement Information - The latest information on the procurement of goods, works and services for businesses;
  • The data about past procurements - information on past procurements;
  • Average purchase price - revealing the average purchasing prices of goods and services at the market;
  • Individual study - individual market studies by selected criteria and filters;
  • Company Profile;
  • A list of competitors - the list of suppliers of similar goods, works and services.

Our advantages:

  • Your business in Kazakhstan will become easier and more efficient through transparency and accuracy of information about the companies and the implementation of all modern communications capabilities;
  • Every entrepreneur, who has registered, immediately gets into the business community of Kazakhstan. It becomes much simpler and cheaper to promote products through our portal;
  • You will find not only the consumers of your products and reliable suppliers, but also appeal to all entrepreneurs with cooperation proposals;
  • Portal Business Registry with a private access, will be accessible and convenient for you in an on-line mode;
  • One effective system of convenient service to promote your business;
  • Coordinated system for promotion and support of your business in the regions and at the external market;
  • Expansion of the functions and the quality of services;
  • Advice and support of industrial processes and priority support;
  • Always up to date and fresh information about the activity of Kazakhstani entrepreneurs and companies;
  • Technical support and operational Call-center.

The main sources of information for the portal are:

  • The Ministry for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Joint Stock Company "Sovereign Wealth Fund" Samruk-Kazyna ".