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A house should be build by a builder and a tree by an expert

21 July 2016
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Association of organizations of forestry and forest products "Zhasyl Orman" proposes to transfer the function of landscaping to companies that are professionally engaged in gardening

Such a proposal was made by the executive director of the Association of forestry organizations and forest products "Zhasyl Orman" Laura Seyfulina at a meeting of the subcommittee of forest and wood processing industry of the Committee of manufacturing industry NCE RK "Atameken".

According to her, today the issue of gardening and landscaping of social facilities such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, etc., is relevant.

"During the construction of social facilities the landscaping task of adjoining territory falls on the shoulders of the developers. Construction companies, in turn, hire subcontractors, which in the vast majority are not companies specialized in outdoor landscaping. In this regard, these "experts" are allowed mass violations. This is means discrepancy of planting with the construction norms and regulations (not observed the required number of square meters for landscaping and wrong selection of plants, which can adversely affect the health of children), and there is no cultural care (special watering, weeding, cultivation, use of fertilizers) during the entire period (3-4 months). The percentage of survival must be at least 50% of the plants", - commented a representative of the industry association.

In particular, in Astana most of the soil has high content of salts (solonetz), which requires reclamation work. "On this basis, it is necessary to choose the appropriate range of salt-tolerant trees and shrubs, such as willow, elm, Chinese elm and others. In fact, there is a completely different picture. School grounds are planted with shrubs and birch trees, which do not put roots", - says Laura Seyfulina.

She recalled that in 2005 there was a program on the initiative of the Head of State "Zhasyl el" (Green Country). The project was originally aimed at the education of the new generation of young citizens of the Republic to be responsible for the greening of our country.

In 2007, Kazakhstan's President reaffirmed the commitment to a policy of active gardening. So, within the framework of his working visit to the Akmola region, Nursultan Nazarbayev called for the practical implementation of the principle "cut down a tree - plant two instead".

"At a time when the state policy of Kazakhstan is aimed at landscaping, the existing approach to greening of social objects wastes huge budget funds. The "effect" of such landscaping is expressed in the absence of concepts about the diversity of the nature of Kazakhstan among younger generation", - said L. Seyfulina.

To fill this gap, the Association of forestry organizations and forest products "Zhasyl Orman" in conjunction with the school-gymnasium #78 of Astana launches a pilot project "School Forestry" on the basis of this school. At the school ground will be constructed seed field, where students will be able to take of plants themselves. In the future it is planned to spread this project to all schools of Astana.

As it was noted by the representative of the industry association, the question of landscaping of social objects was raised at different levels. Thus, in the framework of the meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission on the support of domestic producers in public procurement, which was held on July 13 this year at the akimat of Astana, the Association of forestry organizations and forest products "Zhasyl Orman" appealed to the deputy akim of Astana Andrey Lukin to consider jointly with the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan "Atameken" the question of the transfer the function of landscaping to companies, which are professionally engaged in gardening.

The Association together with the Chairman of the Committee of the manufacturing industry NCE RK Duman Kydyrbaev met with Regional Chambers of entrepreneurs of Astana and the Akmola region, where were discussed issues of landscaping and development of domestic companies, which are professionally engaged in gardening and landscape design. Also agreed to jointly compile a register of local entrepreneurs, landscapers of Astana and the Akmola region and a list of construction of social facilities (schools, kindergartens, hospitals, etc.) that need landscaping, woodworking products.

"Given that the question of markets is one of the most pressing issues for local landscapers, the Association of forestry organizations and forest products" “Zhasyl Orman” in conjunction with the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken” is actively involved in the process of arranging orders for domestic manufacturers. So, a new railway station is built in Astana. General Builder is a Turkish company "Sembol". In August, our local companies, which are professionally engaged in gardening, shall enter into a contract for landscaping of the territory of the station ", - said L.Seyfulina.

She also added that the companies of the timber industry can also supply products for the improvement of the adjacent territory, such as benches, sandboxes, swings, etc., made of wood.

Summing up the discussion, the Deputy Chairman of NCE RK "Atameken" Nurzhan Altaev said that in this direction it is necessary to study the issue to ensure the orders for planting nurseries and companies that produce products for landscaping, and companies that produce products for land improvement, kindergartens and educational institutions.

Following the meeting the Regional Chambers of Entrepreneurs were given a task to work with local authorities and to create a table of current and erected kindergartens and educational institutions in the regions on the basis of which it is necessary to develop a long-term plan for the year for enterprises, which are professionally engaged in gardening, securing orders for gardening and landscaping of adjacent territories. There will also be formed a Register of companies that provide services of professional gardening and produce products for the improvement of the surrounding areas at social facilities.

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