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Erlan Raimov - among the 25 best entrepreneurs

09 December 2016 - Kyzylorda Region
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The book "Legends of Kazakhstani business" was presented in Almaty

It contains materials about the top 25 entrepreneurs, who started their business in the 90s and reached the tops. Among them is Erlan Raimov from Kyzylorda.

In the 90s there were few restaurants, cafés and catering facilities in Kyzylorda, and they were built during the Soviet times.

We have repeated many times the path of success of Erlan Raimov. Therefore, this material, we have devoted to his personal work - "Kyz Zhibek". "Kyz Zhibek" The restaurant started to provide services to its first guests in 1995. It had only 5 employees at that time. After 2 years LLP "Raim" was estabished. Back then, and now the main focus of the partnership is catering.

Today the restaurant "Kyz Zhibek" which has a banquet hall for 250 people and the Kazakh national cuisine, located in the building of the airport "Korkyt Ata", restaurant "Kiz Zhibek-2" and a dining room next to the mosque "Akmeshit-Syrdarya" for 600 provides uninterrupted services to population.

The high demands of Erlan Raimov  to the quality of services are proved by the fact that among guests of the restaurant "Kyz Zhibek" were the Head of State and the President of the World Bank, as well as foreign visitors, who came to the Asian Games 2011, which were held in Almaty.

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