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Made in Kazakhstan will be the brand

31 January 2017
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Made in Kazakhstan will be the brand

New perspectives open up for domestic light industry
On the site of NCE with the participation of the Committee of manufacturing industry was signed a contract between the company “Astana Yutariya ltd” and the Turkish company Güzelce Makina, which opens up new prospects for the domestic light industry.
Ltd. "Production innovative company “Astana Yutariya ltd” is the leader of the consortium of domestic producers of light industry products "Zhasampaz". Güzelce Makina – is one of Turkey's leading manufacturers of automated high-tech sewing equipment, dealer of global brands in this field.

The contract signed at NCE is a continuation of the plan of realization of the investment agreement between the consortium "Zhasampaz" and JSC "NC Kazakhstan Engineering".
The consortium and the national company signed long-term contract for the supply of clothing and equipment for the needs of the Ministry of Defense. According to the agreement "Zhasampaz" must implement the investment program for the localization of production, the creation of new industrial enterprises, as well as reviving the troubled state projects with the aim of import substitution.

Currently, long-term investment program is being successfully implemented, more than 8 billion tenge will be allocated at the end of 5 years, members of the consortium in the development of production. The program is aimed at increasing the local content in the raw materials in the performance of state defense order for clothing and equipment and the organization of a full production cycle on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 3,500 jobs will be created in the process of implementation of the program.

"The choice in favor of it Güzelce makina was made for several reasons. The contract provides for not only the supply of equipment - our foreign partner is developing a project for the organization of new production, provides the full range of consulting services: equipment installation and commissioning, personnel training, the introduction of technology and organization by EU standards of work ", - said General Director of “Astana Yutariya ltd” Saule Shauenova.

The Turkish side made commitments to ensure that the equipment works at full capacity and to provide service support for 7 years.
As it was reported by CFO of the group of companies "Yutariya ltd” Ivan Ivashchenko, in an 8-hour shift it is planned to produce up to 400 men's suits.
"The planned production capacity – is 100 thousand suits per year.

In 2018 we intend to export to the Russian market first, then - to European markets. Cost of the project - 500 million tenge, its implementation will create 125 jobs", - informed us Ivan Ivashchenko, adding that the production of men's suits - is probably the most time-consuming process in the light industry in terms of design technology.

Upon reaching the full capacity, income taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget will increase by 35-40%.

Chairman of the Committee of manufacturing industry Duman Kydyrbaev during the signing of the contract emphasized the importance of concluding such agreements, which are focused on the support and development of local content on the basis of the advanced world technologies.

"If earlier similar projects seemed to be a fantastic idea, today the most daring hopes are implemented. Today's event – is good message to all domestic producers. The activities of the consortium "Zhasampaz", the leader of which is the company “Astana Yutariya ltd", allows to develop successfully not only the domestic light industry, but also related industries", - said Duman Kydyrbaev.

In turn, Director of Güzelce Makina Ahmet Gyuzelche reported that Turkey started manufacture of men's suits by European standards 20-25 years ago.
"Today, we sincerely want Kazakhstan to produce some of the best suits in the world. Most importantly - launch the system, and we will help you with this", - said the head of the Turkish company.

The implementation of such large-scale projects of Consortium "Zhasampaz" was made possible thanks to the state support, the support of NCE "Atameken" and the Committee of the Chamber of processing industry, as well as previously signed long-term contract with JSC "NC" Kazakhstan engineering". With a guaranteed order, the business is able to create new jobs, increase the local content in the products, increase tax revenues and, ultimately, to increase the country's GDP.

Nazgul Abzhekenova


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Виктория Ибраева

31 January 2017 в 18:35
Замечательное событие! Создание новых рабочих мест в наше время самое главное для поднятия социальной сферы государства.
Слава и дальнейших успехов столь динамично развивающейся компании как "Ютария!



31 January 2017 в 19:22
Похвально! Энергетика этой женщины поражает! Успехов Вам, Сауле, и Удачи!