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Atameken and Ministry of Energy discuss development of industry concepts

06 March 2019
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The plan for updating the Fuel and Energy Complex Concept (the FECC) until 2030 has been discussed at a meeting of the Energy Committee of the Atameken Presidium.

Kazakhstani power engineers noted that a lot of work on the actualization of energy industry development has been done in the current year. In particular, after a series of negotiations with the Atameken NCE RK and the Kazenergy association, the ministry suggested businesses to develop a consolidated vision for improving the FECC.

Chairman of the Committee Almasadam Satkaliyev emphasized that the FECC is a guideline for action for the power industry workers in Kazakhstan and it can serve as a message for investors in understanding how the energy industry will change.

“We understand that we need to take into account the development of technology and be ready for challenges. According to international experts, we will face an energy revolution in 10 years and there will be another structure of the energy balance. Therefore, the Concept will raise issues of the gas industry, network generation, coal balance and renewable energy issues,” Almasadam Satkaliyev said.

The key point of the Concept should be the issue of tariff setting. The transparent pricing should be developed. This will give an insight into the possibilities of attracting new investments for the fuel and energy sector, the consumer and the state can evaluate the cost of new reforms in the energy sector. According to the executive secretary of the Atameken Kuanysh Baltabaev, these rules should be immutable.

 “We understand that the FECC development is important for the sectors of the fuel and energy complex, and other sectors of Kazakhstan as well, therefore we should involve the Ministry of National Economy in this work. Then I think we will be able to jointly develop scenarios for the development of the fuel and energy complex acceptable to all stakeholders,” the executive director of the KAZENERGY Association Rustem Kabzhanov said.

In addition, the Ministry began to develop the Concept of the Law “On heat supply”. The document will solve the problem of deterioration of heat networks and would be the basis of state policy in heat supply. According to Baurzhan Berkeshev, the head of the Department for the Implementation of the state policy in the field of power industry of the Ministry of Energy RK, the working group will start developing the Concept this month.

In turn, the Deputy Chairman of the Atameken Board Yevgeniy Bolgert drew attention to the short deadlines for development of the concept.

“It will be difficult for the working group to promptly meet at the ministry with the involvement of interested parties from regions. I suggest discussing all proposals with the regions via videoconferencing on the platform of Atameken, then, the working group will work out the issues at the meetings,” Yevgeniy Bolgert said.

The chairman of the Committee called on the meeting participants to prepare proposals and comments on the substantive part of the FECC and the Concept for the Draft Law “On heat supply”.

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