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Businessman presents apartment to family with eight children in Taldykorgan

19 March 2019 - Almaty Region
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Social entrepreneur, director of the Status entertainment complex Askar Bilyalov has presented a three-room apartment to the resident of Taldykorgan Indira Karabekova.

Indira Karabekova is the mother of eight kids. Previously, the entrepreneur often supported them, and recently he has decided to solve their housing problem.

“We know the Karabekov family for a long time. Prior to this, I bought them food packages. Each time when I visited them I saw the hard conditions for life. Therefore, I decided to help on the eve of the Nauryz holiday to make such a gift,” Askar Bilyalov said.

The apartment has been renovated and partly furnished. The gift becomes a surprise for Indira Karabekova and her children. The mom of eight kids lived in a rented on the edge of town.

“I have always dreamed that we will ever have an apartment. But I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. I am very happy and immensely grateful to Askar for such help. Our life has unexpectedly changed today,” the woman said.

This is not the first charity of the entrepreneur. The businessman constantly participates in the charity events and organizes holidays for children with disabilities.

“We should make public that our businessmen do good deeds and set them as an example for youth. Social responsibility should become a trend. The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs launched the of My Atameken project (Менің Атамекенiм).  My Atameken project is aimed at systemic solution of social problems. If you are suffering and need assistance you can leave a request at If you want to help anybody in difficult situation, you  can find people in need at the site as well,” Almagul Ongarbaeva, head of the human capital development department of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Almaty region, said.

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