Owner of large shopping mall exempted tenants from paying rent in Karaganda

- Karaganda Region
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In connection with the state of emergency in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Administration of the Tair Trade City has decided to exempt rental charges from stores that have temporarily suspended their work.

Tair Trade City, is one of the largest shops in the Karaganda region, its total area is 64,000 square meters, and the area of shops is 38,000 square meters.

Due to the introduction of the state of emergency in Kazakhstan the Tair Trade City owner has abolished the rent for days off for tenants who have suffered from downtime. According to the administration, the Tair Trade City has about 600 tenants.

Due to the fact that the premises are rented mainly by shops, which are forced to suspend their activities, the administration has sown understanding for the situation of the small business.

"The owner of the Tair Trade City has done us a service, paid attention and shown understanding to this problem, supported us in such a difficult time and for SMEs," said Dmitriy Gladkov, the owner of the shoe store in the Tair Trade City.

SME representatives thank us for our understanding and encourage all landlords in the Karaganda region to follow his example. If everyone finds an opportunity for compromise and mutual assistance, we will be able to get out of the situation with less loss.


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