Labour activity remains the largest source of income for residents of Kazakhstan

Consumer spending accounts for 92.8% of the total expenditures per capita.

Revenue of an average resident of Kazakhstan in the 1st quarter of 2016 amounted to 128.4 thousand tenge (+ 8.2% year-on-year). Expenditures per capita in the country increased by 8% to 120.8 thousand tenge, reports the analytical service

The highest income is among the residents of the capital cities, the lowest - the residents of the southern regions. In Almaty, the income per capita accounts for 212 thousand tenge, which leads to a substantial lead over all the other residents of Kazakhstan, including the residents of the capital, located on the second place in the ranking of the regions. An average Astana resident receives 175.5 thousand tenge per capita. The relatively high average income level was also observed in  Mangystau, Karaganda, East Kazakhstan and Aktobe regions.

Less than 100 thousand tenge per capita in the first quarter of this year received the residents of Zhambyl, Kyzylorda and South Kazakhstan regions. These three regions are significantly behind the fourth region from the bottom of the ranking - Akmola region. In all regions of the country, the nominal income grew in order to restrain consumer inflation in January-March (15.1%), reflecting the reduction in real incomes.

Salary in January-March of this year amounted to 78% of the per capita income (down 2 points compared to 1st quarter of 2015). The share of social transfers in the reporting period, by contrast, grew by 1,7 points, to 18.4%.

In the capitals of Kazakhstan residents also spend more. Expenditures are highest among Almaty residents (192.2 thousand tenge / per capita) and Astana (151.1 thousand tenge) and lowest in the southern regions of the country.

The increase in expenses is most evident in NKR (16%), Almaty region (15.1%) and East Kazakhstan region (14.7%) and Atyrau (10.3%). Spending almost did not grow in the Zhambyl region and grew poorly in Almaty, Mangistau and Kostanay regions.

Consumer spending per capita in 1st quarter of 2016 rose to 0.3 percentage points to 92.8%. 3.9% of total expenditure account on payment of loans and debts.