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Tax Codes

Currently, the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan works on unification of the Tax and Customs Codes.

In this regard, in the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the leadership of E.A. Dosayev a working group on the development of the draft Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget and Customs Affairs" and "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of Kazakhstan on issues of taxation and customs affairs".

The composition of the working group of the National Chamber included Deputy Chairman, as well as first three leaders of the Association (ANC, KAZENERGY, AGMP).

At the same time, there was established a working group under the National Chamber by the order of the Chairman of the National Chamber dated by 01/28/2016 #  to develop and to discuss proposals with the business community (attached), the members of which include representatives of associations (unions) and the business community.

The head of the working group on tax issues is the Deputy Chairman of the Board - Zhursunov R.M., on customs issues – the acting Deputy Chairman of the Board - Zhunusova D.B.

In this connection, the discussion of issues, related to amalgamation (development) of the Tax and Customs Codes, the National Chamber holds in the framework of a working group, which was set up by the National Chamber.

The main objectives of NCE RK:

1) equitable economic distribution and the stability of the tax burden

2) compliance with the commitment, determination, justice of taxation principles

3) the competitiveness of the national economy and domestic producers

4) promotion of investment and growth in labor productivity in the priority and strategic sectors of the economy

5) development of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as stimulating growth and consolidation of every business

6) orientation of the economy on the national currency

7) improving the efficiency of taxation

8) withdrawal of the tax base from the "shadow economy"

9) provision of appropriate level of public services to taxpayers that ensure ease of tax literacy and fulfillment of tax obligations


If there are questions related to taxation, entrepreneurs can contact us by phone: 8/7172 / 919-338 the following experts of the Tax Department of the National Chamber:

  • Zhanbulatova Zhenys Saylaubekovna - Department Director
  • Musabaev Zhanat Bulatbekovich - Deputy Director of Department
  • Osipova Elmira Babakhanovna - expert


The Working Group established under NCE RK as of 28.01.2016, #6

The concept of the draft unified tax and customs codes dated by 22.02.2016, designed by the Ministry of National Economy