Nearly 4 million square meters of residential real estate was introduced in operation in Kazakhstan in January-May

The capital has the highest number of new buildings. Construction market in the northern areas is minimal, according to the analytical service

In Kazakhstan from January to May 2016 were put into operation 3.9 million square meters of housing, which is 20% more than a year earlier. However, as in the previous year, the capital continues to hold a leading position in putting new residential buildings into operation (964.3 thousand square meters of housing). The square of ​​residential buildings put into operation equals 24% of the figure for the whole country. Second place goes to Almaty (726.9 thousand square meters), The third place goes to Almaty region (442.6 thousand square meters). The least active housing construction market is in the north of Kazakhstan. Pavlodar and South Kazakhstan region in the reporting period accounted for only 1.6% of the total area of ​​new buildings.

Number of apartments put into operation was 33.9 thousand, including ones build by individual developers - 13.6 thousand units, or about 40%. The growth of the number of new apartments from year to year is 19.2% or 5.5 thousand units. The number of new apartments has doubled within 5 years.

More than half of the new housing (55.4%) accounts for the two capitals and the Almaty region.  At the same time, if in Astana (growth by 20.5%) and Almaty (up 30.6%) the number of commissioned apartments increased, in the Almaty region (20.2%) their number decreased.