Share of participation of own funds of STB in financing of activities rose to 11%  since the beginning of 2016.

The banking sector of Kazakhstan for the sixth consecutive months updates historical record in terms of total equity capital - at the end of April 2016 it was 2.6 trillion tenge, states the report of the service

After a decrease in June 2015 by 44 billion tenge, since then the total bank capital has increased by an average of 32 billion tenge per month.

The increase in own funds provides a consistent growth of Kazakhstani banking sector. The sharp growth started well in the second half of last year, when in August the volume of STB assets increased immediately to 1.2 trillion tenge, or by 11%.

Despite expectations of deterioration in the economy of Kazakhstan, banks are trying to consolidate and to reduce dependence on external resources, increasing the funding for their lending and other activities at their own expense. During the first post-crisis years, the banking sector is trying to find support, reducing primarily its obligations to foreign investors, in this period, the ratio of capital of assets of STB fell to a level of 3-4%. Then the situation stabilized, equity participation in the assets of STB increased - from 2013 to the first half of 2015. The capital / assets increased to a level of 13-14%.

From August until the end of 2015 during recalculation of the foreign currency liabilities of customers of STB, the ration of own funds to the size of the banking sector decreased to 10%, but since the beginning of this year, the market is showing some recovery.

Halyk Bank, Kazkommertsbank and ForteBank have the largest reserves to cover potential risks in their activities among Kazakhstani STB, the amount of their equity capital by the condition on the end of April 2016 is estimated at 517 billion tenge, and 461 billion tenge and 168 billion tenge, respectively.

Among the 10 largest banks in Kazakhstan, the strongest position belongs to ForteBank, the bank's ability to stop potential losses at the expense of its own equity is estimated at 16.2%. The bank showed the lowest level of the reduction of the ration capital to assets for the year among the top 10 second-tier banks - only 1.1 percentage point.

A year earlier, the leader of the ranking was Halyk Bank, whose capital assets ratio was 17.5%, but the figure level of reliability has fallen sharply during the year - to 4 pp, to 13.4%.