144,7 thousand foreigners arrived in the country in the 1st quarter of 2016, which is 13 thousand more than last year

How ready are regions to accept the increasing flow of foreign tourists: the ranking of regions of Kazakhstan by tourist capacity.

According to the analytical service Ranking.kz, Kazakhstan is steadily growing in popularity. For 10 years the number of foreign tourists increased by more than 2 times, and the volume of industry revenue by 5 times. In 2015, Kazakhstan hosted 692 000 foreigners, hotels had rendered services for 73 billion tenge. According to the forecasts in 2016 not less than 728 thousand foreign tourists will visit Kazakhstan, in 2017 more than one million visitors. Expo 2017 is a strategic bonus for the industry. According to the plans of the international exhibition will visit about 300 thousand foreign guests. According to the calculations of "Astana Convention Bureau", an average one foreign visitor will stay in the country for about 4 days during the Expo and during this period they will spend about 1500 dollars. In addition to the exhibition in Astana, many visitors will take the opportunity to see unique places in the country.

What is the potential of the tourism industry in the regions today?

The largest number of visitors at a time can take the East-Kazakhstan region - 120 thousand people (including residents). The region can offer 378 accommodation places for guests. In the first quarter of 2016 the hotel occupancy rate was less than 25%. In the region there are resort areas: Katon-Karagay, Markakolsky and West Altai reserves.

Second place in the ranking takes the Akmola region – it can simultaneously host 22.3 thousand visitors. The average hotel occupancy rate is only 13.4%. The region is attractive for its resort areas in Shortandy, Zerenda, Burabai, Korgalzhyn Reserve.

The Karaganda region is on the third place. Simultaneous occupancy of hotels is 12,700 people. The region is able to attract foreign tourists by the Karkaraly resort area, the historical and cultural center of the first president and the resort area “CabanaBeach”.

The Almaty region follows next, it is interesting for visitors by unique resort Alakol, reserve-museum "Tamgaly" and Sharyn canyon. The area at the same time is able to host more than 11 thousand visitors at 315 hotels and other accommodations, and the occupancy rate in the 1 quarter of 2016 was only 17.3%.

Closes TOP-5 the South Kazakhstan region, where foreign tourists will be able to appreciate the benefits of relaxation in Sary-Agash and visit historical monuments in Turkestan. In the southern region there are only 139 placements able to host collectively a little less than 6 thousand visitors.

In addition to the five areas the two largest cities of the country are able to host 22 thousand visitors in its 291 hotels and other places of accommodation at the same time. Two metropolitan render more than half of the total volume of services, there is also the highest occupancy rate of placements. In addition, in anticipation of EXPO-2017, it is planned to increase the number of hotels in the capital from 158 to 188, hotel rooms from 9.5 thousand to 14.5 thousand units.