The Fund for Financial Support of Agriculture (the structure of "KazAgro") will direct 11 billion tenge to create feedlots

This year, the FFSA will allocate 10.9 billion tenge to finance more than 7 thousand small feedlots on the basis of private farms with the content of about 55 thousand animal heads, reports the press service of the Fund.

"Thus, private farms will be converted to individual entrepreneurs and provided with a monthly income, there will be created permanent jobs, the program will provide annual tax revenues to local budgets", - said in a release the subsidiary of "KazAgro".

Funds for the implementation of this task allocated under the program "Employment Roadmap 2020", a loan program "Bereke" was developed. Since the beginning of the year the Fund has financed about 3.7 thousand borrowers in the amount of 9.2 billion tenge within this program. And the lion's share falls on the development of animal husbandry.

Money will be issued for the purchase of cattle, small cattle, horses and other farm animals and birds for the purpose of feeding and receiving agricultural products, as well as the purchase of fodder. Maximum loan amount - up to 3 million tenge, for participants, who prepaid the previous loan up to 5 million tenge, the loan term - up to 4 years. Interest rate for the loan up 500 thousand tenge - 4.8% per annum, more than 500 thousand tenge - 6% per annum. The annual effective interest rate at the same time, respectively, 5% and 6.7% per annum.