Experts of the Department for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs and reduction of administrative barriers of the Regional Chamber helped their colleagues from the neighboring region to defend the financial interests of the businessman

Experts of Kostanai RCE was asked to assist an individual entrepreneur V. Shipilkinu to return the debt of SCE on PVC "Kokshetau Zhylu" under akimat of Kokshetau

In November 2015 the parties entered into a contract for services. Under the agreement, the supplier - IE "Shipilkin V.G." had to supply electrodes for the utility company. In turn, the customer pledged to make a payment of about 3.5 million tenge within 30 calendar days.

The entrepreneur delivered goods in full volume and on time. But the heat supply organization didn’t fulfill its obligation on time.

Six months later, despite numerous requests of the entrepreneur, "Kokshetau Zhylu" did not respond to notifications on execution on the decision of the Specialized Interdistrict Economic Court of the Akmola region.

Experts of the Chamber sent a letter to the heat supply company in which the debtor was reminded that "the judicial acts are in legal force court, as well as appeals of courts are binding for all state bodies, legal persons and shall be enforceable ...".

 By the way, the company has responded to the request of the regional chamber, complaining on the difficult financial situation. However, by November, the organization “paid” the debt to the entrepreneur their and promised to pay the rest of the debt in the near future.

This is not the first experience of constructive cooperation between the regional chambers, in which the problems of businesses get an effective solution.