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Karaganda businessmen are urged not to be silent

26 December 2017 - Karaganda Region
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This was stated at the final meeting of the Council for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs

Often, local businessmen prefer not to talk about illegal actions by a local law enforcement agency. Nevertheless, an individual entrepreneur from the city of Shakhtinsk appealed to the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Karaganda region about illegally bringing her to criminal liability.

Two years later, entrepreneur Khamzin Dana accidentally learns about the criminal case brought against her. More precisely, the business woman allegedly took over the bank cards of eight convicts, and, contrary to the law, withdrew money from them. On top of this, according to the fake documents, the case did not reach litigation, and the parties have different view points.

"At the same time, there is a record of the interrogation of a witness, who has protection rights, which has been drawn up by the investigator of Shakhtinsk City Department of Internal Affairs, where explanations are given on behalf of businesswomen on the matter", - expert of the Ist category Oleynik Yuliya explains.

Moreover, there are no signatures, the protocol itself is not signed, the place of residence is incorrect.

On this occasion, the victim repeatedly appealed to the law enforcement agencies. But unsuccessfully. Only after the second appeal to the prosecutor's office of the Karaganda region on the fact of falsification of the materials of the criminal case the ice began to move. According to the entrepreneur, she intends to remove this unfounded accusation from herself.

"At present, the decision to terminate the pre-trial investigation for reconciliation has been canceled. With regard to the precinct who adopted this decision, a check is carried out", - explained Tautenov Meiram, Deputy Prosecutor of Karaganda region, at a meeting of the Council.

In addition, the prosecutor promised to give a detailed answer and bring the case to a complete conclusion soon.

Also, we note that due to illegal actions of the internal affairs bodies, the businesswoman had problems in business, moreover, she lost the opportunity to present her products at EXPO-2017.

In conclusion, the chairman of the Council Toregeldin Serik said that all entrepreneurs of regional and city level in case of unlawful actions of law enforcement bodies appealed to the Chamber of Entrepreneurs.

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