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The Bastau Business project: were the invested money justified?

28 December 2017
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In 2017 the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs RK "Atameken" launched a unique project - "Bastau Business". Its peculiarity is that any unemployed or self-employed rural resident could learn the basics of entrepreneurship, get a preferential loan to open their own business

Throughout the year, 15,000 people took part in the project, more than three thousand of them became full-fledged businessmen. Let's find out what today's unemployed and housewives are doing today.

From dumplings to clever robots

Pampering of the loved ones with delicious food – is the true hobby of Aizhan Kuanova from the town of Ereimentau, Akmola region. Therefore, when she learned about the opportunity to do business, she decided not to miss the chance and realize herself in what she knows how to do best. The woman set a goal: to learn and open a pelmeni workshop. I passed tests, attended classes regularly for a month, then successfully defended my business plan and applied for a loan

"Of course, at the start there were difficulties in collecting documents for obtaining a loan. But here, too, "Atameken" helped me a lot. I got the money, now I will work for myself. NCE still helps, advises on all issues. I really love cooking, this is the soul, so I plan to continue to grow and develop", - noted the entrepreneur.

19-year-old Artur Ozerov from the Zelenovsky district of the West Kazakhstan region, also studied under the Bastau Business project. At one time his parents bought home a special equipment for cleaning carpets. Without thinking twice, the guy decided to turn the occupation into a source of income. I opened a mini-car in the village for cars. At the courses I got additional knowledge and now I have an idea to open a public bath at the car wash. For these purposes, I already received 3 million tenge, only under 6% per annum.

A young entrepreneur Amantai Izmagambetov from the Aktyubinsk region has been engaged in the hotel business for two years. Under the Bastau Business project, the man was trained to marketing strategies and successful sales skills. As a result, he defended his project before the commission, received preferential loans for the next five years. Now he is repairing, expanding and arranging the hotel. All for the sake of customers.


Saodat Karimova from Shymkent became a participant of the innovative projects competition and won a grant of three million tenge. The girl is preparing to open an educational center for the assembly of smart robots.

"Having learned about" Bastau Business "I know how to start my business from scratch, I know all the legal subtleties of opening a project. With the development of the business plan and the collection of documentation for participation in the contest, experts from the South Kazakhstan Chamber of Entrepreneurs helped me. For grant money I want to buy computers, tables, electronic components and chips. Now I am negotiating with a supplier of equipment, equipment, computers and 3D printers", - the girl said.

Still, the majority of projects in rural areas (approximately 80%) are being implemented in the agro-industrial complex - livestock and crop production. Zhetpis Namazbekov from the Ili district of Almaty region after the training took a loan for the arrangement of his own mini-farm.

"I was very happy when I learned about the project in support of beginning entrepreneurs. This is a great chance to start or expand your business. The training was fast. The theory was fixed with practical skills. They went to farms and enterprises, got acquainted with entrepreneurs, exchanged opinions. I used to have only two cows in the barn, now it's more than ten. Live and learn", - says Zetpis Namazbekov.

And what about the dry residue?

The Bastau Business project has undoubted financial and social benefits. Firstly, it is an opportunity for self-employment for yesterday's unemployed, as well as a chance to expand the business for those who have just embarked on the path of entrepreneurship. Secondly, each of the projects creates an average of 1 to 4 jobs. The projects themselves are developed based on the needs of a particular region, as well as own marketing research of business trainers. For example, no one will recommend a participant to open a second grocery store, if the similar operates in the neighbourhood and does not bring dividends.

The project participants were residents of different age categories: youth - 27.7%, from 30 to 49 years - 51.2% and from 50 to 57 years - 16.5%. Naturally, young people - 27.7% - are representatives of this age category from 17 to 29 years. With regard to gender division, 41.4% of the trainees in the project are women, 58.6% are members of the stronger sex.

In 2018 the project will be continued. It is already known that it will be held in 160 districts of the country. For these purposes, a pool of 80 business coaches has been prepared. As promised in "Atameken" the learning process will be improved, in particular, the regional features of doing business will be taken into account as much as possible. Requirements for the trainers themselves will also be higher, as plans not only teach the basics of business, but also new technologies and methods of its management.

Where did you teach?

The Bastau Business project was implemented in 14 regions, in 80 districts. During 2017, from April to November, the trainees learned six streams. Recruitment for courses was carried out monthly. In 2017, the task was to train 15,000 rural residents and open 3000 new business entities. To date, the goals are achieved by 100%. According to the results of six flows, 8,285 participants out of 15,000 developed and protected their projects before the regional commission, which makes up 56% of the total number of trainees. Of these, 3314 - opened or expanded the business. From 2018 to 2021, Atameken intends to double the figure: train 30,000 people, and launch 6,000 new business projects.

All in order to ensure the achievement of the main goal is to increase the number of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and their contribution to the economy of Kazakhstan.

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