Currently, there is a need to strengthen the institute of business ombudsman to protect the interests of entrepreneurs, this was announced by the Head of State in the Plan of Action, "100 concrete steps". A lot has been done in this respect. Speaking about the importance of the institute of Business Ombudsman for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, Nursultan Nazarbayev said: "This is a real help to every Kazakhstani resident, who is engaged in business. Caring for the continuous improvement of the working conditions of entrepreneurs, it will always be the center of attention of the state. This is another important step on the way to becoming one of the 30 most developed countries of the world. I am sure that this measure, and the allocation of public funds for the development of entrepreneurship will give impetus to the growth of our economy, increasing the number of jobs and improving the welfare of all Kazakhstani people". Thus, the successful functioning of the institute of Business Ombudsman in the country will create favorable conditions for the successful development of domestic entrepreneurship.