The Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan in order to represent, to support and to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the business community: 1) provides, ensures, protects the rights and legitimate interests of businesses in the state bodies and other organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as at international organizations and foreign states ; 2) considers appeals of businesses; 3) submits proposals to the state bodies to protect the rights of business entities, as well as recommendation to suspend substatutory normative legal acts; 4) sends to state bodies (officials), actions (inactions) of which violated the rights and lawful interests of business entities, recommendations on measures in order to restore the violated rights, including bringing of perpetrators of rights and lawful interests of business entities to accountability; 5) sends a request to the prosecution authorities in case of disagreement with the views of the state bodies in order to further restore the rights of entrepreneurs; 6) submits to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in case of facts of systematic violations of the rights of entrepreneurs and inability to resolve them at the level of state bodies; 7) requests from state bodies (officials) information, documents and materials related to the rights and obligations of the business entities, with the exception of information constituting a state, commercial, banking and other secrets protected by the law; 8) applies to the court with the claim (statement) in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan; 9) takes other legal measures to restore the violated rights and lawful interests of business entities.