Entrepreneurs of Almaty and Aktobe regions will be able to get a loan of 500 thousand to 16 968 thousand tenge at the interest rate - 6%. Loan term is up to 54 (fifty-four) months. A farmer and a peasant farm, an individual entrepreneur and a legal entity which are attributed to small businesses can get a loan. A loan is given for the development of all types of business activities in rural areas, mono - and small towns of the region. Loans are not available for consumer purposes, repayment of previous loans, refinancing of outstanding loans, the purchase of residential property, land and trade. The grace period on repayment of compensation is 6 months. The grace period on repayment of principal debt - no more than 1/3 of the duration of the loan period. A loan should be secured by a collateral in the form of movable / immovable property, land, vehicles, agricultural machinery, equipment and so forth. For more information, an entrepreneur should apply to the business service center or to the Chamber of Entrepreneurs in one of these regions. Experts will give an advice on getting a loan and will assist with collection of documents. In addition, entrepreneurs can take advantage of both non-financial services at CSE / BSC (e.g., accounting and legal support of the project).