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Arab trader is looking for partners in Astana

28 December 2016
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One of the biggest traders in the UAE is interested in import of Kazakh grain-leguminous production

Prospects of cooperation in this direction were discussed today at the meeting by the Managing Director - Director of AIC Department of NCE RK "Atameken" Rustem Kurmanov and Director of EMCO International Atik Ansari with the participation of Kazakhstani producers.

Opening the meeting, Rustam Kurmanov noted that EMCO International is a leading trading house in the city of Dubai (UAE), and now the Agrarian Department of NCE is exploring the possibility of imports of lentils, peas, chickpeas, barley and flax seeds from Kazakhstan.

Mr Atik Ansari said that EMCO International has an extensive network for the purchase and sale of agricultural products: sugar, rice, beans, spices, seeds, beans, nuts and cereals. And thanks to advanced logistics infrastructure Emirates company supplies these products not only to the UAE, but in the entire Middle East as well as India and the United States.

"In 2011, the United Arab Emirates bought grain-legume production in the amount of 500 million USD, and since then the volume of its imports is growing every year. In general, the world's consumption of grain-legume crops as lentils, peas, chickpeas are a source of vegetable protein increases", - said Atik Ansari.

He sees great export potential of Kazakhstani grain producers, legumes, and in particular, lentils, not only in neighboring countries but also in the Middle East and India. According to Mr. Ansari, Arabian trader helped to enter these markets to Russian manufacturers and today Russia is the sixth largest exporter of grain legumes in the world.

Kazakh producers expressed interest in cooperation, but noted that it is important to know the volume that the Arab trader would buy from them.

"This year, our company has sowed 1,000 hectares under red lentils, and now there are about 700 tons, we are ready to offer to the foreign market. We are interested in the price per ton, and a purchase guarantee, can you do it ? "- Said the commercial director of the SEC" Regional grain holding" Kairat Alibekov.

Atik Ansari said that the price of grain, legumes, and, in particular, lentils, vary, depending on supply and demand. For example, at the beginning of the year it was 700 USD per ton, but at the end of the year it rose to 1,200 USD because of the deteriorating weather conditions and reduction of the crop volume. EMCO International is ready to work with Kazakhstani suppliers by futures contracts.

 As for the volume, then, according to Mr. Ansari, the annual import of grain legumes in Iran is only 150-200 thousand tons, of which EMCO International accounts for up to 60 thousand tons of products.

"However, let me emphasize that it is important to comply with quality requirements of buyers. Products must comply with international standards", - said Atik Ansari.

The sides noted that Kazakhstani food is organic, and they view it as one of the key advantages.

At the end of the meeting, they expressed interest in development of bilateral cooperation and exchanged contacts for further discussion.


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