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The work of a large association was renewed in Kazakhstan

25 December 2017 - Karaganda Region
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At the site of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs was resumed the work of the Kazakhstani Association of Preschool Organizations of Karaganda Region

The meeting was attended by representatives of the heads of 41 private kindergartens of the city and region, specialists of the regional and city departments of education. The initiator of this meeting was the Committee of Pre-School Organizations under the Council of Businesswomen.

They discussed at the meeting the general well-founded picture of pre-school education of the region and the city. According to the chief specialist of the city education department, Bazabay Aliya, the state has dynamically begun to attract the private sector. Moreover, business due to state orders quickly began to develop. Equally, the problem of shortage of places for preschool children is being solved.

"In order to cover children with pre-school education, the education department is working to attract private entrepreneurs to open kindergartens, and to place a state-educational order in it. To date, the city has 41 children's institutions with a coverage of 5397 places", - explains Bazabay Aliya.

Note that to this day there is an urgent need to create places in the Maikouduk area. Up to 1,500 children are waiting for the queue, on average, this amounts to 5 kindergartens.

Also, by the unanimous decision the chairman of the Association became the founder of the network of kindergartens "Daryndy Bala" in Karaganda - Ainagul Khamitova.

"We will take an active part in legislative projects, make proposals, engage in scientific and methodological development. Moreover, private kindergartens will compete with the state. Where there is healthy competition, there is development. We will change international experience, implement world scientific developments, improve mediation, and of course help newcomers in opening a kindergarten, share their experience", - said Ainagul Khamitova.

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