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Issues of social partnership were discussed by the capital's akimat

28 December 2017 - City of Astana
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A regular meeting of the Regional Commission for Social Partnership and Regulation of Social and Labor Relations was held in Astana.

At a meeting held in the employment, labor and social protection department of the city of Astana, measures were discussed for the social welfare of persons released from prisons and registered with the probation service, preventing the release of workers to reduce the number of employees. Also, employers were heard who allowed the growth of wage arrears.

Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mukhtar Tinikeev stressed the role of the tripartite commission in preventing labour conflicts and maintaining social stability. In his opinion, all the forces of the tripartite commission should be aimed at creating working conditions for workers and preserving jobs.

Director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Astana Gani Tasmaganbetov, representing the interests of employers, spoke in detail about the activities of the Chamber aimed at solving problems on the issues under discussion.

"During the reporting period, enterprises on the production of metal and wood products, building materials, plastic windows, consumer goods, garments, etc., were deployed on the territory of the correctional institution EC-166/10 together with the Enbeks-Akmola state enterprise. allowed to employ up to 75% of prisoners who receive paid wages for work", - Gani Tasmaganbetov said.

This year for the first time free courses on opening and conducting business were organized. 25 convicts received certificates. The director of the Astana Chamber of Entrepreneurs stressed that sponsorship support in the form of dental care was organized at the request of the prisoners.

At the end of the meeting, the results were summed up on the implementation of the Agreements between the Akim, the Trade Union Center and the city employers' associations of the city of Astana for 2015-2017.

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