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09 January 2019 - Almaty Region
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The businessmen’s fines worth 1.6 billion tenge will be written off. 

Representatives of the Almaty Region Department of State Revenues announced this in the framework of the project “Hour of the Tax Code” in the Chamber of Entrepreneurs.

According to the chief specialist of the Department of State Revenues Shugyla Kalibekova, the tax amnesty will affect small and medium-sized businesses.

“The penalties and fines will be written off  if the debtors repay the principal debt, which has not been repaid as of October 1, 2018, before December 31, 2019. In total, 9.6 thousand entrepreneurs of the Almaty region will fall under Tax Amnesty. According to preliminary data, it is planned to write off the interest in the amount of 1.5 billion tenge and fines in the amount of 102.8 million tenge,” Shugyla Kalibekova said.

Remind that, President of Kazakhstan ordered in His Address to the Nation to launch tax amnesty for SMEs starting from January 1, 2019.

“It goes without saying, that the amnesty will have a positive impact on the activities of entrepreneurs. This is another significant measure of state support, which will further affect the development of the project and creation of new jobs,” Sanat Tussipov, an expert of the Almaty Region Chamber of Entrepreneurs, said.

During the Hour of the Tax Code, accountants consulted with the experts on the issues of suspension and liquidation of individual entrepreneurs, terms of payment of property income, issuing electronic invoices in the field of trade and other issues.

The chief specialist of the Department of State Revenues of the Almaty Region Auelkhan Alisher also explained about the mandatory use of cash registers, the introduction of a single cumulative payment.

It should be noted that every second Wednesday of the month employees of the Department of State Revenues of the Almaty Region hold "Hour of the Tax Code" for  accountants and entrepreneurs to consult them on taxation issues in the Almaty Region Chamber of Entrepreneurs.

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