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31 January 2019 - Turkestan Oblast
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Representatives of akimat informed on repayment of the land plots for the public purposes.

Turkestan region Chamber of Entrepreneurs hosted the meeting of Regional council.

On the agenda – the presentation of Turkestan development project and discussion of a situation with seizure of land plots near the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi.

Representatives of Architecture and Urban Planning Department of the Turkestan region and the architect of Astana-genplan LLP presented businessmen Turkestan development project. They showed the locations of the new administrative center, residential quarters, trade and entertaining and sporting venues, places of cultural rest and other objects.

Businessmen were mostly interested in prospects for business locations and placement conditions. However representatives of akimat explained that they are not ready to tell about it. At the same time the representatives of Chamber of Entreprenuers assured that they would keep the situation under control and work it out daily with the akimat. On the second question of the agenda was the withdrawal of lands for public purposes, the deputy akim of Turkestan Tazhibek Musayev told about the process of repayment of land plots around the Mausoleum for demolition.

The authorities should meet certain difficulties of an inevitable "human factor" due to the fact that there were 129 residential houses that are planned for demolition near the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi.  The authorities are going to build a spectacular ethno-park to attract the tourists. 

According to the Master plan the spiritual cultural center will appear near the Mausoleum. Eight cultural objects such as visit center, Yasawi museum and Turkic world museum will be built on the area of 98 hectares.

In total, it is planned to demolish 168 objects, 154 of which are residential buildings and 14 commercial objects. The authorities have been conducting the explanatory works with their owners since last year. 96 owners have agreed to vacate the houses, 35 of them have been paid compensation in the amount of 399 million tenge,” Tazhibek Mussayev said.

Representatives of the Chamber will provide entrepreneurs with advice and support in case of litigation.

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