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11 February 2019 - City of Almaty
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A new target model of accelerated economic development of Almaty has been presented at the final press conference in the Almaty branch of the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs.

The Almaty economic development model developed by the regional chamber of entrepreneurs consists of five main directions, such as the production and import substitution potential development, tourism potential development, services sector development, implementation of infrastructure initiatives and development of business niches’ map.

“Based on the analysis, the most promising sphere for the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Almaty is the food and light industry. The Chamber plans to develop this sphere in several stages. First of all, we are going to conduct an analysis to determine the niches for import substitution and analyze international experience in this matter. A map of productions will be compiled with a reflection of the potential, volumes, distribution channels, technical equipment. Then, we will think over the sales chain, work out the cases for each type of production. And, finally, we will carry out full support in the pilot mode of ten projects,” Bagdat Telebay, director of Almaty Chamber of Entrepreneurs said.

According to him, it is necessary to analyze the needs of the business infrastructure for residents and entrepreneurs of Almaty.

“There is a shortage of schools for 17,000 children in the Alatau and Nauryzbay districts. There is a need to build hospitals and other social facilities. Following the results of the analysis, the Chamber will prepare a list of related niches that are necessary for the facilities,” Bagdat Telebay said.

 According to him, as an infrastructure initiative, it is planned to implement the Heat Map within the Concept for sreet trade development, the Smart Home Store project and the compilation of the Register of available industrial and office facilities and premises of Almaty.

For the development of tourism potential, the Chamber plans to create a Business Travel List for ethnic hotels, summer tent houses, hotels, camping and caravanning, which will include details on opening, developing and running a business.

“The Almaty Chamber of Entrepreneurs plans to provide accounting and tax services in the offices in the markets. These are the so-called mini-service centers for entrepreneurs, such centers are located in the Mizam and Salem markets,” deputy director for business support services Aspena Dosmaganova said.

In addition the Almaty Chamber of Entrepreneurs also summed up its work for 2018.


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