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“Dalatex” Qyzylorda factory invest 185 students with shirts.

22 January 2018 - Kyzylorda Region
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The chamber of entrepreneurs receives many requests to provide sponsorship and charitable aid. The chamber is an organization that provides non- financial assistance to entrepreneurs. However, some businesspersons trying to respond these requests for help.

One of such requests came from the principle of Qyzylorda school № 144. According to the school administration, there are 200 children from low-income families and children with special needs. And the administration asked to provide assistance to such kids. So the head of the “DALATEX” LLP Dilmuhamed Abyzov decided to help them.  His company, specializing in men’s shirts production, sewed 185 uniform shirts for the students of above-mentioned school. (The models for boys and girls differ for cutting and colour).

Company manager Gulmira Ramazanova tells that despite that the company was set up 2 years ago, it actively participates in charitable events and campaigns. “The head of the company intensively takes part in all charitable events in the framework of social responsible business campaign. Today we brought these students shirts to school №144”- said Gulmira.

“DALATEX” LLP is a domestic manufacturer. The factory has all modern technological equipment. Right now factory sews 500 shirts per day. The company has 40 workplaces now. The factory plans to open new supply closets in the other regions of the country for the convenience of the customers.  The company exports their production in cooperation with Russian entrepreneurs.

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