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25 February 2019 - City of Nur-Sultan
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Astana businesswoman has helped women having large families within the framework of My Atameken project (Менің Атамекенiм).

Mariya Perederiy  wrote us a letter asking for help. A single mom is raising her five children, the youngest baby is only a few months old. Maria rents a house, but the rental period expires in the summer and therefore she asks to provide all possible assistance in solving the housing problem. She is not capable of doing it on her own from a financial standpoint. Mariya admits that she will be glad to any assistance.

The second request came from Boldykyz Myrzayeva, who is also a single parent of two girls: one of them has a disability (Noonan syndrome). The family is renting a small room, Boldykyz Myrzayeva works, but she has been struggling to make ends meet.

A businesswoman from Astana, who wished to remain anonymous, responded promptly to a request for help. The businesswoman bought a monthly supply of food to both families.

 “I have learned about My Atameken project on TV and decided that I should help at least people who really need it. I cannot afford to buy an apartment, but every month I’m ready to help people who are in a difficult life situation. I can buy foodstuffs and basic necessities. I will definitely tell about the project to my fellow entrepreneurs,” the businesswoman said.

Earlier, Astana businessman Zhandar Sadykov was the first who responded to a call for help and bought an apartment for a local big family that had to rent a small room for many years. The entrepreneur has also become an ambassador of My Atameken project.

Earlier it was reported that businessmen assisted nine-year-old Kamilla with the diagnosis of a cerebral palsy, they bought her expensive medications.

My Atameken project is aimed at systemic solution of social problems. If you are suffering and need assistance you can leave a request at

If you want to help anybody in difficult situation, you  can find people in need at the site as well. 

If you have any questions, you can call 1432 or write to WhatsApp: +77763337766.

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