Arbitration Center

Atameken Arbitration Center

In the course of commercial activity, various contracts are concluded. It is very unpleasant when during the performance of these contracts there are violations of them. If it is impossible to settle them amicably, it becomes necessary to go to court. This causes stress, connected with uncertainty, lengthy litigation and considerable expenses.

Arbitration is an alternative method to settle disputes between organizations of all forms of ownership (JSC, LLP, SP, etc.). Arbitration is the modern and civilized way to resolve a dispute between business partners.

If there is a dispute with a business partner, please contact the Atameken Arbitration Center. We will help you to resolve disputes quickly, economically and confidentially. The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan «Atameken» creates us to help businesses to solve commercial disputes with minimum costs.

The Arbitration Center is actually the successor of the International Arbitration Court established in 1993 at International Chamber of Commerce of Kazakhstan, and continues its tradition of objective resolution of disputes.

In the Arbitration Center, you can solve any commercial dispute, if previously, at the stage of conclusion of the contract with your business partners, consider the inclusion of a special arbitration clause in the contract text. At the same time, disputes can be both with domestic and with foreign business partners.

The Register of Arbitrators of the Arbitration Center consists of professionals with high qualification and substantial experience in the sphere of arbitration.

The Arbitration Center aims to effective handling of civil law (contractual) disputes by experienced professionals.

The activity of the Atameken Arbitration Center is also aimed at providing qualified legal advice and assistance in resolving the dispute by alternative means (mediation).

There are representatives of the Atameken Arbitration Center in the Regional Chambers of Entrepreneurs of large cities and industrial centers.

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