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Kazakh milkmen complain of poor quality raw materials

13 November 2017
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The Dairy Union of Kazakhstan has revealed a number of violations in products that come across the border Aida Sapargazinova noted, co-chairman of the Dairy Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan, noted that finished products from Kyrgyzstan have been present on the Kazakhstani market for a long time, and there are often cases of quality violations, both raw milk and finished products. "Raw milk is more often falsified. Since the cars stand at the checkpoints several hours, the suppliers, with the purpose of securing, falsify the milk so that it does not deteriorate", - Aida Sapargazinova said. According to the Dairy Union of RK, there is a fact when one dairy company wrote off milk of a long shelf life in aseptic packaging for 1 million USD, as the finished products began to deteriorate due to the falsification of Kyrgyz raw materials. "We submitted tests to an independent laboratory and in some samples of finished products from Kyrgyzstan, we revealed the content of vegetable fats instead of natural ones. This is called unfair competition", - added in turn Aida Sapargazinova. The Dairy Union of Kazakhstan periodically monitors the market for various types of violations. It was revealed that most often Kyrgyz products are imported without proper labeling, where the composition is not indicated in full, including the content of vegetable fats. "People buy, focusing only on the low price, not knowing what is behind it", - the co-chairman of the Dairy Union of Kazakhstan commented.

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