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Microbusiness Kyzylorda: 124 projects worth 771 million tenge

09 January 2017 - Kyzylorda Region
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The project "microbusiness Kyzylorda" was effectively carried out in 2016 in the region. It was launched in order to support small and medium businesses

"We have every reason to say that the project was implemented effectively. At the end of 2015 under an agreement signed between NCE RK "Atameken" and Akimat of the region, more than 300 people in the region got employed within the frames of the project. Akimat of the region and NCE "Atameken" allocated 360 and 300 million tenge in the framework of cooperation, respectively. Financing of entrepreneurs through regional investment center "Kyzylorda" began in 2015. At that time, the regional Akimat has launched the project in the pilot mode. Currently, the initiative of the regional akimat has shown its effectiveness", - said the director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs Galymbek Zhaksylykov.

The initiative of the creation of a financial institution that will support rural entrepreneurs of the region, has been raised by the Regional Council of the Chamber of entrepreneurs. Later the idea was supported by the head of the region. "Regional center "Kyzylorda" should become an organization that supports rural citizens entrepreneurial initiative. Terms of loans of second-tier banks are too hard for the villagers who want to do business. Not always their homes and other property can be taken as a collateral. And there will be difficulties of the kind at the Regional Centre", - said akim of the region.

The director of the Regional Investment Center Samat Erniyazov talked about the effectiveness of the Center’s activities. "360 million tenge has been allocated to the Regional Investment Center in 2015 by the instruction of akim of the region. 56 projects have been funded on the allocated money and 223 new jobs were created. The peculiarity of the project is that during lending only rural businesses are in priority. Repayment of loans is quite encouraging. For example, in 2016, the regional center funded 124 projects totaling 771 million tenge, which created more than 440 new jobs. If 58 of them were financed by the funds allocated by NCE "Atameken", 52 projects were financed from the regional budget, and 14 projects - from the funds returned by the borrowers. That is, borrowers return loans back".

"The project "Microbusiness Kyzylorda" gave me the opportunity to develop my business. I have long been engaged in the manufacture of furniture. Last year, the regional center received 2.6 million tenge. Currently, I buy the necessary equipment for my furniture shop. I am very grateful to NCE "Atameken" for the support of my small business and very much hope that the project will be continued in current year", - says the businessman of Zhalagash district Adilbek Abdikanov.


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