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Best manufacturers were chosen in Almaty

10 August 2018
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60 companies took part in the regional stage of the contest-exhibition "The Best Goods of Kazakhstan" on August 9-10 in Almaty.

Most of them participate in the competition for the first time. The cup and diploma of the contest is a kind of quality sign.

The event was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Board of the RK "Atameken" RK Yeldos Ramazanov, Deputy Mayor of Almaty Almas Madiyev, Managing Director of the NCE RK "Atameken" on organizing republican competitions Saltanat Abdikarimova, Chairman of the Regional Council of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs in Almaty Yuri Tleumuratov, businessmen of Almaty Bagdat Telebay, as well as representatives of the business community and state bodies.

The winners in the regional competition-exhibition "The Best Goods of Kazakhstan - 2018" were determined by the decision of the expert commission, which included representatives of state bodies, the NCE RK "Atameken" and the business community.


In the nomination of "The Best Commercial Goods" the leaders are:

LLP "Almatinskiy Electromechanicheskiy Zavod"

LLP "Almatinskiy Electromechanicheskiy Zavod" is the largest manufacturer of transformer substations for power supply systems in Kazakhstan. Products of the plant are purchased by the country's oil and gas and energy companies.

LLP "Almatinskiy zavod avtoprizepov"

LLP "Almatinskiy zavod avtoprizepov" is the first and only manufacturer of trailers in Kazakhstan under its own brand "SPUTNIK Trailers". Trailers can be used for any purpose - whether it's a cafe, medical station or a motorhome.


LLP "AZMK" is the country's oldest enterprise, the products of which formed the basis for the construction of the West Siberian oil and gas complex, the Big Almaty Canal, the Medeo sports complex, the railway stations, the Palace of the Republic and many other facilities in Almaty. 

The winners in the nomination of "Best Goods for the Population" are:

LLP "Sewing firm "Semiramida"

The sewing firm "Semiramida" is the Kazakhstani leader in the manufacture of outerwear. The company has been operating on the market for more than 20 years and today produces clothes under the new brand MANERA. Semiramida entered the initiative group of 10 Kazakhstani brands Qaz Brands, the enterprise is a repeated winner of quality competitions.

LLP "Adal Plant"

LLP "Adal Plant" is the only domestic manufacturer of solid toilet soap in Kazakhstan. Last year, the company produced more than 800 tons of soap! The products of LLP "Adal Plant" are exported to China, Russia and Kyrgyzstan.

 LLP "Eltex Alatau"

LLP "Eltex Alatau" is a manufacturer of electronics and modern network equipment. The company delivers products to all regions of Kazakhstan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan. In 2015 the company received the award of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Altyn Sapa" in the nomination "Best Innovative Project".


In the nomination of "Best food products" the victory was won by:


LLP "EFKO Almaty" is one of the largest oil and fat company in Kazakhstan. It is a part of the international group of companies-leaders of the industry in the countries of EAEC. It produces soy, margarine, bottled oil and industrial fats.

IE "Igelikova D.M."

IE "Igelikova" is more known as a confectionery "Asatu". The company produces confectionery products from 100% natural Kazakhstan raw materials. The assortment includes more than 40 kinds of baking. IE Igelikova has thousands of grateful clients in more than 20 cities of Kazakhstan. 

Krasniy Drakon LLP

"Krasniy Drakon" LLP has been successfully working on Almaty streets in the street food format for 9 years now. The brand krasniy Drakon invented by them - the most popular Chinese take away in the city. "Krasniy Drakon" LLP regularly supplies athletes with food during major sports events.


"Today in this room we have gathered the best of the best. Those companies are the flagships of industry and constitute the elite of Kazakhstan's business. The expert commission had to make a difficult choice: every company participating in the competition, in my opinion, is worthy of victory. We congratulate the winners of the regional contest-exhibition "The Best Goods of Kazakhstan - 2018" and wish them a bright victory at the republican stage! "- said the director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs in Almaty Bagdat Telebay.

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