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25 January 2019 - Karaganda Region
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It has become possible to write a business plan online thanks to the free marketing services of the Atameken Services portal.

An entrepreneur from Karaganda, Yaroslav Pitkov, needed a business plan to receive subsidies for the purchase of special equipment on lease. New features at allowed him to submit a request for writing a business plan.

“The service is very convenient. I filed an application for a business plan in my office. The employee of Atameken called me after a while and asked to send them an e-mail with all the necessary information. Business plan was ready within three working days. It was written professionally, and the most important thing was that I was approved for a subsidy,”  Yaroslav Pitkov said.

His company is engaged in transportation, processing and enrichment of coal. In 2014, he received funding for a start-up project under the Business Road Map 2020 program. It was his first experience of collaboration with the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneur admits that it is so easy  to register and use the Atameken Services portal on a computer or via a smartphone. Pitkov is interested in new services that are available on the portal.

Atameken Services portal provides more than sixty useful and free online services for entrepreneurs. Report a problem, apply for a loan, get training and get a ready business plan without leaving your office or home. All that is needed is to go through a simple registration procedure:

The businessmen can address the problems that are related to access to credit and financial instruments, product sales, issues of legal regulation and training on the portal. All that you need is to complete Registration then you can use all the services.


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