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This year, for the first time, Kazakhstan participated in the 84th International Green Week 2019 (IGW) in Berlin. The IGW was held 18 to 27 January and gathered 1700 companies from 65 countries.

The Kazakh delegation had this chance thanks to the support of Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs and the Chamber of International Commerce of Kazakhstan.

There were the stands of global producers of food, agriculture, livestock, consumer goods, technology, as well as restaurants and catering outlets. Each manufacturer arranged a tasting and sale of their goods during the exhibition-fair.

“We got to the exhibition thanks to the export support program and the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs and the Chamber of International Commerce of Kazakhstan. We have the organic products of fruits and vegetables from Zailiysky Alatau. We produce organic juices, jams and pickled products. It's a very pleasant that guests of the fair returned to the stand with the products after tasting to buy  our products,” the representative of AGROS BT LLP Marat Orazimanov said.

It should be noted that the European business community and exhibition visitors are interested in Kazakhstani products. Thus, the Kazakh enterprise ECO Products Group LLP attracted a lot of agricultural companies and retail chains that are ready to conclude an agreement with manufacturers.

“The German society pays great attention to ecology and organic products. Our company is engaged in the manufacture of biodegradable bags. Our bags are made of corn starch, the package decomposes during three months to one year. While we don’t export the bags to Europe, but the company has good potential for export to Germany. Thanks to organized B2B sites, we were able to communicate with large agricultural producers who are ready to negotiate with us,” director of ECO Products Group LLP Batyrkhan Zhumanov said.

Traders from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Germany intends to buy Kazakhstani products. The organic chocolate made from mare's milk of the Sharman National Center for Healthy Nutrition aroused great interest at the exhibition. In addition the negotiations on the certification of mare milk powder "SAUMAL" in the EU started at the exhibition.

Also, within the framework of the exhibition, German-Kazakh Society Day was held at the stand of Kazakhstan. The guests enjoyed concert as well as tasting of national dishes and products of the companies - participants of the exhibition.

The following companies participated in the stand:

1. Mibeko LLP with the trademark "Altyn Dala" - the production of cereals (buckwheat, lentils, peas, pearl barley, millet, etc.), as well as flour of premium quality and 1st category.  The company exports its products to the CIS, Central Asia and Europe.

2. FREE MARK LLP with the trade mark “Sabroso” - the production of pasta. It exports the products to the CIS countries.

3. A-product LLP - confectionery production.  It exports the products to the CIS countries.

4. AGROS BT LLP - the production of pickled vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, ratatouille., adjika), organic juices, jams.

5. Bayan-Sulu JSC - the production of confectionery. It exports the products to the CIS countries, Germany and China.

6. Sharman National Center for Healthy Nutrition IP with the brand "SHARMAN"- the production of chocolate from mare's milk.

7. Makers Professionals LLP  - the production of fish products (preserves, canned food, etc.).

8. EURASIA INVEST LLP with the trademark “SAUMAL”, “SAUBOTA” - production of dried mare and camel milk.

9. ECO Products Group LLP - production of biodegradable bags and packaging.

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