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07 February 2019
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Committee of construction, production of building materials and housing of the Presidium of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan identified the key problems of the industry and approved the work plan for the current year.

In particular, the Committee focused on transition of the construction industry to the Eurocodes, introduction of BIM-technologies in construction and issues of urban planning.

It is worth noting that the transition to the Eurocodes in Kazakhstan is scheduled for January 1, 2020 and therefore there is an urgent need for the industry to be ready for their implementation.

“Business is not ready for a full transition. We do not have enough specialists who could train and retrain employees. Retraining employees is too expensive for small entrepreneurs,” the executive director of the National Association of Designers of the Republic of Kazakhstan Myuash Bissarova said.

In turn, the chairman of the Committee Alexander Belovich emphasized that the transition to Eurocodes is inevitable, but much attention should be paid to training in the regions.

Also, members of the Committee raised the problems of urban planning. In particular, the approval and implementation of the detailed planning projects of settlements.

According to Belovich, this problem affects either the receipt of land for development or the receipt of its purpose.

Also, members of the Committee raised the problems of urban planning. In particular, the approval and implementation of on-site detailed planning projects settlements.

In addition one of the most urgent issues is the issue of withdrawal of land for non-development. It is established by law that the land that has not been developed for three years is subject to withdrawal.

“At the same time the interpretation of the concept of “development” is not fixed in the law. There are no distinct parameters to recognize the land plot as undeveloped,” chairman of the Union of Builders of Kazakhstan Talgat Ergaliyev said.

Alexander Belovich noted the need to bring systemic issues for discussion with the management of the National Chamber, ministers and government authorities.

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