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Competition for fashion designers presented to President of Kazakhstan

02 May 2019
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President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has been presented the national competition for fashion designers “ALTYN OIMAQ” during his working trip to Almaty region.

Deputy chairman of the Board of the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Lazzat Ramazanova presented the project concept to Head of State. The competition is aimed at supporting novice designers and giving impetus to the creation of new competitive brands in Kazakhstani market.

“The project aims to open and support new names and brands, to reveal a new generation of professionals. At the same time, the contest will help to promote their product and scale up the existing business,” Lazzat Ramazanova said.

For 2 months the organizers held meetings with potential participants in 13 cities of Kazakhstan, visited 19 companies. Over 600 domestic designers are interested in participating in the competition. The first trainings of the ALTYN OIMAQ project will be held within the framework of the republican forum focused on rural women in June in Taldykorgan.

“We saw a huge potential: there are many talented designers, manufacturers whose products may substitute the imported ones. There are 992 enterprises in Kazakhstan and 90% of those employed in this industry are women. We want to unite all designers to produce competitive textiles and clothing,” Lazzat Ramazanova said.

Remind that the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan announced the competition for designers in March to identify a new generation of professional designers who are ready to create competitive domestic brands. The competition will also unite the efforts of all stakeholders to create conditions for the further growth of the light industry.

The competition will be held in 6 nominations:

1. Best design of business style clothing with national ornament

2. Best design of sportswear with national ornament

3. Best design of children's clothes with national ornament

4. Best design of home textiles with national ornament

5. Best accessory design with national ornament

6. Best custom design of sports shoes

The ALTYN OIMAQ competition will be held in three stages. The award ceremony for the winners of the ALTYN OIMAQ competition will be held in December 2019.

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