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Altyn Oimaq becomes epicenter of light industry of Kazakhstan

29 August 2019
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On August 29-30, the Korme exhibition center has been in the epicenter of light industry. Domestic manufacturers exhibit home textiles, clothes, and goods for children, leather goods and carpets during the Altyn Oimaq forum and exhibition in Nur-Sultan.

We will dress and shoe

Exhibition visitors were interested in the footwear of Shoes Republic, Almaty shoe brand.

"We produce footwear made of genuine leather. We decided to show our products, they are 100% quality. We use Turkish leather and natural fur from Taraz," the representative of the company said.

The average price of demi shoes is 12,000 tenge, and winter shoes can be purchased for 27,000 tenge.

If the producer's prices seem high, we can consider the line of TarazKozhobuv LLP, which works since the 1960s. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to buy goods at the exhibition. On the other hand, it is possible to exchange contacts, order individual tailoring or choose the model you like from the catalogue and order it on the website.

"We have a very wide range, about 70 models. This is military shoes, and dress and casual shoes, and children's shoes. You can find us in Taraz, as well as in every region of Kazakhstan we have representatives. We use leather and fur of high quality and they are made in our country. The only thing we do not have is Kazakhstani lacemaking," Timur Salimov said.

The buyer will like the price policy of the producer at the expense of materials of Kazakhstani origin. For example, you can buy winter footwear at an average price of 15,000 tenge, while shoes cost at least 5,000 tenge. The main problem of the manufacturer is the high cost of rented space.

"We have a low cost of shoes because of natural, domestic raw materials. But we do not have enough support with leased space and preferential terms," Timur Salimov added.

A strict or simple print tie can be purchased in the pavilion of SKIFMAN LLP. The cost of the tie starts for 13,500 tenge up to 30, 000 tenge. 

"Everybody watches Marvel and DC, we decided to create the SKIFMAN brand. As they say, this city needs a new hero, and the Scythians are our great ancestors. Our ties made of natural fabrics can be a good gift," the representative of the company said.

Women from BA&KZ offer to strengthen the identity via fashion looks. The brand is represented by women's capes, which was created by the society of mothers with many children. Also at the exhibition, there is a wide range of children's clothing, school uniforms, hats. For example, you can buy a knitted hat made of natural Italian yarn for 7,000 tenge.

Handmaker Tatyana Pugacheva from Aktau presented an unusual collection of woolen hats, dresses, coats, and capes. She made them in different techniques with painting and silk addition. 

"For me, it's a hobby that has become a serious business. Before that, I liked embroidery, art painting of fabric in technique "batik", but eight years ago I tried to work with the wool. I studied with many masters from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Australia and the Baltic States, worked in different techniques," the designer said. 

Today Tatyana Pugacheva gives master classes in Aktau. According to the needlewoman, it's always nice to see your product in good hands. Tatyana Pugacheva decided to take part in the exhibition to see how much interest the capital's residents will have in natural woolen products.

Is it made of genuine leather? Definitely?

These questions are mostly asked in the pavilion of KazItalKozha LLP from Shymkent. Leather belts and bags from the manufacturer can be bought for 4,000 tenge. The sales manager of KazItalKozha Azamat Dosayev explained that the low cost of products is associated with the independent processing of raw materials.

“We do not import anything from other countries. The company has been operating since 2012, but the finished products were launched 3 years ago. It's just that you won't earn a lot on processed leather, as they are not finished products and decided to start with belt products,” Azamat Dosayev said.

In 2020, KazItalKozha will begin production of purses and designer bags. As Azamat Dosayev explained, the issue of fittings remains unresolved in Kazakhstan.

"We worked with China, but we were not satisfied with the quality. Now we cooperate with a Turkish company. I am glad that Kazakhstan has started to take an interest in domestic manufacturers. The main thing is that there was a boom in our country, people started to do the leather business. We gather masters, solve joint problems, we are going to open a hardware store. Thanks to the artisans, we are represented not only in Shymkent. It takes 5-6 years to get to know you," the company's manager said. 

Bal Textile, Shymkent carpet factory, occupied a huge pavilion, it started production in 2013. Currently, the company supplies products not only to Kazakhstan. The company exports 30% of products to Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Uzbekistan and make deliveries for the Swedish company IKEA, which allowed it to enter the markets of England, Germany and France.

"We plan to further develop, and we are going to buy 3 more weaving machines. Our material is polypropylene, and we buy mainly raw materials from Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. We also use jute yarn, which we bring from Bangladesh. Kazakhstan does not yet have its raw materials. Kazakhstani raw materials would reduce the cost of our products several times, which would help us to compete. For example, Uzbekistan now has 22 factories that produce carpets using their raw materials," Bagdat Zhunisbek, deputy head of Bal Textile LLP, said.

The cost of a small carpet starts at 5,000 tenge.

Premium-class products

Gladyshev has been producing fur garments since 2019 and is engaged in individual tailoring of outerwear in its studio.

"We have gone through many stages, fully studied all the work with furs, peculiarity, processing and dressing, the art of design, and a few years later we started individual tailoring in the premium segment. Our knowledge of fur allowed us to attend the Russian conference in 2017, where we acquainted with the participants, manufacturers and finally decided to take up this business," Marina Gladysheva said. 

The peculiarity of production is natural fur, which is not subject to painting and tinting. According to Marina Gladysheva, it's a long process easy, sets for one product can be assembled in several seasons. The Gladyshev family acquires materials at auctions of the St. Petersburg Fur Union.

Remind that the program of Altyn Oimaq also includes lectures and seminars by international experts for manufacturers of light industry.


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