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Rustam Zhursunov the work on the new Tax Code is conducted in an open format for the first time

12 August 2017
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New approaches to the Tax Code were discussed at "Atameken"

On 11th of August, a round table was held in Atameken to discuss new approaches to the draft Tax Code. Rustam Zhursunov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of NCE RK "Atameken", and Ruslan Dalenov, First Vice-Minister of National Economy of RK, took part in it.

"The issue is really important for all entrepreneurs. The work on the preparation of the new Tax Code for the first time takes place in such an open format. Currently, 34 meetings of the working group with the Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan were held, more than 30 meetings in conjunction with the First Vice-Minister of the National Economy, in total 126 associations and more than 190 members of the working group of NCE participated", - Rustam Zhursunov opened the meeting.

The main purpose of the new Tax Code is to simplify tax administration.

"We are happy to cooperate with NCE RK “Atmeken”. Thanks to the joint work, we understand the interests of our business. In 2016, the project appeared as a task, at the moment the new Tax Code has been written and prepared. Many new and fresh ideas were voiced, we have found a compromise in certain cases. People should not live in a "new tax reality" from 1st of January. Therefore, some changes remained for the future. This time the feature of the new Tax Code is in its simplification. If it is critical to look at tax relations, the balance was earlier shifted in favor of the state, now we tried to fix this situation. The main task is not to collect taxes, but to develop the economy", - said the First Vice-Minister of the National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In turn, Deputy Chairman of the Board of NCE RK "Atameken" noted that when introducing a risk management system, each of the taxpayers will be able to enter the website of the State Revenue Committee, and to enter IIN of a potential counterparty thereby seeing the counterparty through the eyes of tax officials. There will be colors: yellow, green, red. There will be an opportunity to divide the suppliers into categories. Those who are in the green zone, they can benefit deferrals and they do not have a compulsory penalty.

Participants of the event also discussed the concept of a "tax credit". The state will help those who want to expand their production, but the incoming cache flow doesn’t allow to do it.

Tax credit - transfer of the established time for payment of tax and levy for a later period. It is provided at that stage of calculation when the taxable income has already been determined and the amount of the tax due is calculated.

"The new Tax Code has a simplified structure so that a person does not read the entire code, but easily finds only information that relates to his industry", - Ruslan Dalenov said. The new Tax Code also provides:

1. All ambiguities and inaccuracies are interpreted in favor of the taxpayer;

2. Cancellation of fines and penalties, if the tax authorities incorrectly clarify the Tax Code;

3. The requirement for validity of additional charges increases;

4. More time for business to study changes to the Tax Code (amendments are accepted no later than 1st of July);

5. Abolition of numerous amendments (a ban on making changes to related laws);

6. New structure. Personalization of sections: each is covered by its own section.

"The work is very well done, a lot of new and positive has been introduced. Those issues related to the desire of subsoil users, I see that all are taken into account", - said Muhtar Taizhan, head of the legal affairs group of the Land Reform Commission.

  The new code now complies with the principles: simplicity, stability and fairness, and it is expected that tax liabilities will contribute to business development.

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