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Altyn Oimaq participants: Irina Neubart presents  her social business

03 April 2019
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Every woman should be able to sew, but “‘you need to get a serious profession”. This rule was an axiom in  the family of Irina Neubart from Atyrau.

However, she is bored to work as an accountant due to her creative nature. At first, Irina became interested in needlework, and later decided to try herself as a designer of baby clothing. At first, the woman worked at home, participated in competitions and then she decided to open a studio.

Having received subsidies as part of the Employment Roadmap in 2016, Irina Neubart opened a sewing shop on the territory of the women's colony and supplied clothing to one of the trading houses in Atyrau.


"In 2017 I participated in the Zharkyra competition with the support of EF-CA representing Tengizchevroil, won it, received funding and opened an atelier in the city. I am a social entrepreneur I work with women who are serving sentences in a women's colony, I teach sewing, embroidery,” the entrepreneur said.

Irina Neubart employed four women in her studio. The entrepreneur also provides jobs for the departed and women in difficult situations. The designer plans to open a training center for socially dysfunctional women.

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