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Atameken announces competition for Kazakhstani fashion designers

04 March 2019
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Kazakhstan's light industry has great potential for growth and import substitution. Chairman of the Atameken Presidium Timur Kulibayev emphasized in his article that the share of clothing import was 85 per cent in Kazakhstan over the past five years.

The Atameken together with the Women Entrepreneurship Development Fund have announced the launch of the national competition among fashion designers - ALTYN OIMAQ. It aims to support domestic designers and discover new names and competitive brands.

Deputy Chairman of the Atameken Board- Chairperson of the Businesswomen’s Council Lazzat Ramazanova noted that women make 90 per cent of those employed in the light industry. At the same time the textile production makes 51 per cent, clothes manufacturing - 38 per cent and leather and related products’ manufacturing – 11 per cent.

 “Our society knows nothing about many domestic companies manufacturing finest products. The problem is the high cost of domestic products. We need to bring Kazakhstani brands to the mass market. Timur Kulibayev in his article focused on the fact that the country has all the resources for import substitution and the development of light industry. We are sure that ALTYN OIMAQ competition will enable to activate the potential of domestic companies, open a new generation of professionals who are ready to create competitive brands,”Lazzat Ramazanova said.

The competition will be held in three stages. The first stage is the acceptance and selection of applications. In the second stage of the competition 12 applicants are nominated for public online voting. In the final stage the commission will chose one laureate from six winners.

“The various competitions are usually held, firstly, to identify the best, and secondly, it is a chance for young and novice participants to introduce themselves among the professionals. The competitions are useful for famous designers to promote their brand and find potential partners for scaling up the business,” Adilya Tugel, director of the Women Entrepreneurship Development Fund, said at a briefing.

In addition Astana will host Forum and Exhibition of Light Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan to support and stimulate domestic enterprises on June 7-8. It will be an open platform for new designers and representatives of the garment industry to find new formats of cooperation.

“This platform will be a good PR for young entrepreneurs, they will have a good opportunity to exhibit their products, ” Diana Botaeva, a member of the Council of Businesswomen of the Mangystau regional branch of the Atameken, said.

Applications for the contest can be submitted on the website

The program of the Forum, information about registration, open master classes and workshops for visitors will be presented on the official social networks of the Competition and on the websites and

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