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Containerization - competitiveness and modality of cargo transportation

26 December 2017
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The flexible tariff policy in container transportation is on the agenda

On 25th of December 2017 was held a meeting on the Atameken platform under the chairmanship of the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of NCE RK Atameken Eldos Ramazanov, with the participation of the management of NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”, the Association of National Forwarders, the Association of Mining and Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises of Kazakhstan, associations, organizations and shippers of the country on the pricing of services for the carriage of goods by rail.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of NCE RK "Atameken" Eldos Ramazanov, opening the meeting, noted the importance of the issue under consideration. He stressed the insignificant share of container service on the market, as well as the high cost of keeping it down.

The position of KTZH was explained by the executive director of JSC "NC" KTZH" - President of JSC "KTZH - Cargo Transportation" Oralkhan Kulakov, noting that in order to cover the deficit of the car fleet, the consignors of Kazakhstan are offered container service as an alternative to wagonloads. However, the overpriced service, regulated by the authorized body, does not allow to create an inexpensive and high-quality service.

"The volume of container traffic occupies an insignificant share in the total volume of rail traffic in the regulated types of routes (0.8%), there is a tendency for an annual reduction of this indicator. Since 2015, tariffs for the services of the international routes for container transportation are in market pricing (deregulated), however, the tariffs for container transportation, excluding expensive goods, are significantly higher than the wagons by 2-2.5 times. I propose to move to market pricing for services for container transportation, which will allow us to increase tariffs and increase the competitiveness of Kazakhstan's export-oriented goods", - said Oralkhan Kulakov.

In this regard, according to Kulakov, the exclusion from the sphere of socially significant markets of services for the carriage of goods in containers, empty containers and empty fitting platforms will enable to compete with gondola transportation and reduce tariffs for this type of transportation.

The participants of the meeting discussed and spoke out their positions regarding the introduction of deregulation of container transportation. During the discussion, business representatives asked clarifying questions and outlined their positions, regarding concerns about possible tariff increases.

"Taking into account the seasonal shortage of the car fleet, the reduction of tariffs for container transportation will allow the shippers to increase the volumes of export products", - concluded Eldos Ramazanov.

As a result of the discussion, it was decided to work out and collect proposals from all interested parties in a week's time.

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