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13 April 2018
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Amanzhan Zhamalov, deputy of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan outlined the purpose and objectives of the Council as Chairman of the PPP project Monitoring Board.

It is a platform for public monitoring, discussion and solution of problems that stand in the way of  PPP projects implementation. For this purpose deputies, experts, responsible bodies and businessmen are involved in the Council.

"PPP is a very serious issue that requires public attention. It is important that the implementation of PPP projects, which we have been talking about for many years, has taken a civilized and coordinated character." Amanzhan Zhamalov said in his introductory speech.

"There was a time many did not understand the purpose of PPP projects. To date, the volume of projects has reached 2 trillion tenge. This is almost a third of the Republic's budget. Therefore, the public-private partnership should be properly organized, the projects are to be economically correctly calculated and properly financed" the President of the Council added.   

First Vice-Minister of national Economy Ruslan Dalenov, noted the timeliness of the Council and expressed readiness to take into account the views of the Council members to improve the  PPP projects implementation.

"The phenomenon of PPP is both old and new. The legislative basis for the partnership between State and business exists for a long time. At the same time, the intensification of new PPP projects started just recently. Earlier, only 23 contracts were concluded before the adoption of the new law on PPP, then only in 2017, 160 PPP contracts for 146 billion tenge were concluded" Dalenov stressed. 

According to official data of the MNE, 140 PPP objects put into operation, helped to reduce the load on the budget by the amount of 90.6 bn tenge last year.  

"It is an important and good thing for business that the registration of contracts in Treasury has been introduced. Now the contracts have legal force, and the businessman can be assured the state carries out the obligations under the contract" - has allocated the first Vice-Minister of national economy of RK.

Also, as explained by Ruslan Dalenov, during the changes in procedures, the terms of coordination and examination of PPP projects were shortened, long-term state order was given, the development of PPP project concepts was replaced with a business plan and a new project planning approach was introduced. Another important step, is the draft amendments on the recognition of PPP contracts as collateral.

"The Ministry of National Economy together with Atameken and state bodies have formed a block of amendments in recognition of PPP contracts as a "solid "pledge". Please support these amendments when they are on the agenda in the Parliament. summed up Ruslan Dalenov.

More than 250 people took part at the first meeting of the Council: Deputies of Parliament and maslikhats, experts, state bodies and business-community.  

Following the meeting, the President of the Council instructed to reflect all systemic issues voiced during the board meeting in the register of problematic issues for their further joint decision

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