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27 April 2018
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At the site of the "Atameken" NCE RK the first stage of the "Business Communications" project is coming to an end. This instrument is aimed at providing support to small and medium-sized business entities operating in priority economy sectors. 

On April 26-27, the program gathered 21 best projects, the creators of which will visit a four-week thematic business internship in Germany at counterpart enterprises. The initiator of the program is the Ministry of National Economy of Germany. 

The goal is to establish the most intensive contacts between representatives of German and Kazakh business. Participants should improve their skills in international business, including cross-cultural competence, knowledge of the EU and Germany market, features of personnel management, project management and transformation management.

"This is an important part. As a rule, after the courses, the Kazakh participants have a lot of both business ideas and options for optimizing the existing company," - the expert trainer of the German Society n.a. Carl Duisberg, Aksana Kovalchuk said. 

As part of an internship in Germany, Kazakhstani businessmen get an opportunity to establish contacts with German partners, to create an international project. Graduates become representatives of German enterprises in Kazakhstan after an internship. Also, the internship makes it possible to use German expertise for business development.

"The program is standardized. In Germany, entrepreneurs attend trainings, as well as enterprises related to their industry," - Kovalchuk noted. 

Many are given the opportunity to visit such giants as BMW, Volkswagen, Siemens AG

Dauren Urasayev came to a two-day seminar from Almaty. The company «ZAMAN FT» was established in 2010 and is engaged in the manufacture of furniture for restaurants, hotels, business centers, boutiques. Today, the company focuses on environmentally friendly technologies and furniture with antibacterial coating. For the first time Dauren became a participant of the program in 2016. Then the entrepreneur pursued the goal of gaining new knowledge and did not claim a trip to Germany. 

"The following year, the goal was to visit German factories. We have ties with German manufacturers, and I would like to strengthen cooperation, to learn from colleagues' experience," - Dauren Urasayev ssaid at the seminar.

The second stage of the program - a trip to Germany, will start from June 18 to July 13. There, in addition to the internship, the participants will defend their projects. In addition, the first group containing 22 businessmen is already in Germany in the city of Dresden and they are on probation for further training. As a result, 43 subjects of small and medium-sized business will be trained under the "Business Communications" program. 

Crosscultural managemant: How to deal with german people.

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