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09 July 2018
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According to the results of the first two courses, 12,645 unemployed and self-employed residents have already learned the basics of entrepreneurship under Bastau program, 9,000 of them have defended their projects and are ready to do business. At the same time, about a thousand participants (including last year's trained ones) have already received funding for the implementation of projects.

Since July 9, the third course of training under the Bastau project has started. By the end of the year, there will be 6 courses in the regions, according to the results of which 30 thousand people are to be taught the basics of business. It is assumed that about 6 thousand participants will be able to start their own business.

This year Bastau is held in all 160 districts of the republic, 14 regional centers and 27 single-industry towns. The training program itself has been improved and strengthened with practical modules aimed, in particular, at enhancing the agrocultural competencies of project listeners.

A pool of qualified business coaches has been strengthened. More than 100 people joined already experienced coaches who participated in the project in 2017. Each of them confirmed their competence in the framework of special trainings.

"Speaking of innovations, the concept of anchor cooperation has been introduced into the productive employment program, and now work is carried out to create supply chain charts at the district level. Since this year, the current "Bastau" project can not include active entrepreneurs (more than 3 years since registration). At the same time, the participants of our project have a priority right to receive microcredits. In order to track the result, we have implemented monitoring of the quality of training, through telephone, online surveys, and direct visits to the regions. In addition, a special monitoring group is involved in the operative control of the status of the launched projects," - Baurzhan Orazgaliyev, director of the business communications development department in the state language of NCE RK Atameken, noted.

Last year, 15,000 self-employed and unemployed people were trained under the Bastau project, of which about 3.5 thousand opened or expanded the business. In 2018, the Head of State, within the framework of five social initiatives, commissioned to allocate twice as much money for microcrediting of Kazakhstanis. First of all, the money will be used to finance the projects of the Bastau participants.

June 19 in Astana for the first time the Forum of graduates and participants of the "Bastau" project was organized by NCE RK "Atameken". Within the framework of the forum, the most successful business projects were presented and the participants were rewarded.

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