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09 July 2018
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Participants of foreign missions to Germany were given the opportunity to enter new markets through fellow participants from other countries

Promotion of domestic goods abroad was the main theme of the working forum "Astana.Together.Future", conducted by "Atameken" NCE jointly with the Association of Alumni of International Programs of Kazakhstan. The event is timed to the 20th anniversary of Astana.

The task of the working Forum is to establish cooperation on the promotion of Kazakh goods through foreign shops, and foreign goods - at ours.

Now participants of the project "Business Contacts" can take advantage of this opportunity, within which domestic entrepreneurs are being trained abroad. Given that similar internships in Germany are held by businessmen from other countries, and they are also included in the association of graduates, they decided to establish additional professional contacts for the promotion of products.

"Using the Win-Win principle, you can build a long-term effective cooperation. Our forum and our acquaintance will provide opportunities for business development, and we hope that in the future the participants will be able to create new production in our country, and our entrepreneurs - abroad," - Mayra Sultanova, head of the Association of Alumni of International Programs of Kazakhstan highlighted.

In the National Council, the idea of cooperation of the project graduates is considered important and timely. Within the framework of "Business Contacts", Atameken helps entrepreneurs to improve their qualifications in Germany, to acquire equipment, and transfer technologies. For 2 years, about 1000 entrepreneurs took part in the project, about 500 of which were given free business internships abroad.

"If all graduates of the program cooperate within the Associations, this will give a new impetus to the project and will become an additional opportunity to enter new markets. All participants of the project can join the Association, gain new business contacts, find new opportunities for growth of their business," - Aikerim Muzatova, an expert of the regional development department of the NCE RK "Atameken" noted.

Delegates from Russia, Turkmenistan, and Kyrgyzstan took part in the working forum. It was noted that thanks to the Business Contacts project, the domestic business has established a stable partnership with foreign colleagues. According to Lalita Ahuji, representative of the Indo-German Business Development Association, Kazakhstan successfully cooperates not only with the post-Soviet countries, but also with India.

"The Kazakhstan market has great potential for Indian business, especially for construction companies. In just 20 years you were able to build such a wonderful capital, and it's nice to note that the city's development continues. India and Kazakhstan can exchange technologies, as well as increase mutual trade turnover, all the prerequisites for this already exist," - Lalit Ahuja, representative of the Indo-German Business Development Association, noted.

At the event, the participants held a small exhibition of manufactured goods and could directly interest their colleagues in cooperation. 

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