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Lack of information about vacant land is a source of corruption - Timur Kulibayev

15 March 2019
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Chairman of the Presidium of the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Timur Kulibayev has offered the akimats to digitize information about land plots by the end of the year at the III Republican Business Forum on Anti-Corruption.

The head of the National Chamber noted that today, the Councils for protection of entrepreneurs’ rights, which had been established in each region, and the employees of the   Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Public Service Affairs and Anticorruption help to solve problems of entrepreneurs. The Appeals Commission under the Ministry of Finance helps to resolve tax disputes without bringing them to court. According to Timur Kulibayev, this positive experience should be continued with all controlling state bodies, including the environment, sanitary-epidemiological inspection, public procurement and land relations.

The economic study (screening) in the regions helps to understand the main problems of business, including issues of corruption.

“We have already conducted a screening in the Turkestan, Aktobe and Atyrau regions. By the end of the year, screening will be conducted in all regions. Thus, an actual list of problematic issues of the population and entrepreneurship in each locality will be determined in order to further develop the infrastructure in the village,” Timur Kulibayev said.

He stressed that in recent years the number of business permits has been reduced by more than 70 per cent, the number of requirements has been reduced by 60 per cent. The pressure of the controlling authorities has decreased by 20 per cent, the timing of inspections has been halved. The humanization of criminal law has had a positive effect. The registration of criminal cases in the economic sphere has decreased 5 times.

At the same time, Timur Kulibayev noted that information on vacant land plots is non-transparent, this in itself is a source of corruption. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, 2.3 million hectares of unused land have been identified. The monitoring system remains imperfect, the officials distort information for profit, refuse to grant the right to land without giving a reason.

“As a result, land is not used, economic processes are not developing, the state receives less payments and taxes to the budget. In 2018, according to the akimats, about 1.1 thousand land plots were sold at auctions, which is only 6 per cent of the total land fund. This year we ask akimats to complete work on digitizing information on land availability. This will, among other things, increase the revenue of the budget. Together we will make such an information base, it will be our specific indicator of work,” Timur Kulibayev said.

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